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Deathloop guide: How to get the Cat Fall Trinket early

Cannon in Updaam

Image: Arkane Studios/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon

Deathloop is designed with player choice in mind. One of the small ways that you can play your way is by equipping Character Trinkets, which imbue Colt with small buffs and powers that can help him break the loop.

The Cat Fall Character Trinket — which significantly reduces fall damage — is a great Trinket to have if you want to hurl yourself off a roof without worrying too much about the consequences. And if you know where to look, you can get it early in the game.

Head to Updaam in the afternoon and take the right exit out of the tunnels. This door opens out to a corridor facing the big neon Candy Bar sign. Turn right, and sneak along the roofs and cliffs until you reach a gray and red canon overlooking the water. Here, a pair of Eternalists talk to their pal in the cannon, who is convinced that his Cat Fall Trinket will prevent him from taking damage from the flight. Watch as he launches himself out of the cannon.

There is a chance that, depending on the time of day, the Eternalist will not launch himself out of the cannon. If this happens, dispatch his buddies and approach the cannon. Look for a fully charged battery on the ground, put it in the cannon, and press the red button to fire it. A pop-up will show up to tell you that the Eternalist landed on Hangar 1 in Karl’s Bay. That’s our next stop.

Head to Karl’s Bay in the Evening and head to Hangar 1, the large warehouse-like building along the coast. Climb up to the roof — this is easiest with the Shift Slab equipped — and you’ll see a glowing Trinket in the middle of an Eternalist-shaped indent in the snow. Pick it up, exit the level, and infuse it to harness the power of the cat for future runs.

Deathloop’s Cat Fall Trinket Image: Arkane Studios/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon

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