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Deathloop guide: The Moxie, easy mode

Get inside Updaam’s lasers and pressure plates puzzle

Deathloop The Moxie Image: Arkane Studios/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon

Deathloop’s Moxie is an unforgiving gauntlet of laser wires and light-up floor panels that Colt must hopscotch through in a small window of time. To say it’s tough is putting it mildly. But there is a way to turn the difficulty on the Moxie down to a more manageable level, and we’ll show you how in our Deathloop Moxie guide and earn your reward.

Updaam, morning

Head to Updaam in the morning, and go to the Moxie. It’s closed now, but the Feedback Loop note, which states that the Moxie is open to the public in the Afternoon, is taped to the outer door.

From the Moxie, go right until you find a door under the rocky overpass. Head inside, and you’ll find the From The Machine note, where a character named Sparky tells Charlie that they’ve added a debug mode to the Moxie. Hack the antenna next to the note, and you’ll turn easy mode on.

There won’t be any visible signs that anything has changed now, so head for the exit.

Updaam, afternoon

Return to Updaam in the afternoon and head over to the Moxie, and enter through the front door. Proceed through the Moxie’s wringer of challenges. Each obstacle is significantly easier now. The floor panels move more slowly, and there are fewer lasers to dodge. But you still have a short window of time in which to run the course (about three minutes by our stopwatch).

Having Shift equipped goes a long way toward being able to complete the Moxie quickly. (And if you don’t have Shift, check out our Space Invader (Charlie) Visionary Lead walkthrough.)

Deathloop Moxie reward rapier
Survive the Moxie, and you’ll get this purple rapier
Image: Arkane Studios/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon

If you make it through all three floors within the window, you’ll gain a purple rarity Rapier, which costs 8,000 Residuum to infuse. Do so, and you’ll gain a weapon that boasts solid range while still dealing serious damage to take with you into future loops.