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As a little crow grim reaper, your goal in Death’s Door is to collect souls that will allow you to open the titular door. Along the way, you’ll grab various secrets, find different weapons, and even read journals that reveal the game’s story.

Polygon’s Death’s Door guides will help you find your way through the Urn Witch’s Estate, the Frog King’s Domain, Betty’s Lair, the Hall of Doors, and the Grove of Spirits.

Finding all the Shiny Things

There are 24 Shiny Things scattered around the world in Death’s Door, and not only do they tell tales of the people within the world, they’re necessary to unlock the true ending.

Upgrading your fighting skills

As you progress, the bosses you fight will get tougher, so you’ll want to visit shrines to upgrade your vitality and magic capacities. These are hidden around corners and on secret paths, but we’ve mapped out where you can find all 16 shrines. You’ll also want to upgrade the abilities you unlock, because they’ll hit harder when you do.

Post-game puzzles and secrets

Death’s Door has a secret true ending, but in order to get it, you’ll need to collect pieces of a broken stone tablet. To grab the tablets, you’ll need to grab all the Shiny Things, find owls, and guide ghosts home. We explain it all in our secret ending guide.