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Death’s Door Urn puzzle guide

Solve the Urn Witch garden secret, break the pots, get Pothead’s secret garden

A crow stands in a garden near a bunch of pots organized in a checkerboard pattern.
Death’s Door’s urn puzzle
Image: Acid Nerve/Devolver Digital via Polygon

In Death’s Door, the Estate of the Urn Witch has a curious puzzle with vases arranged on checkered tiles. Completing this puzzle unlocks the area with the Rusty Garden Trowel Shiny Thing and two pots for Life Seeds. Our Death’s Door guide explains the solution to this Urn Witch puzzle and why you need to unlock the area.

The puzzle is northeast of the Estate of the Urn Witch (the garden area, not her Ceramic Manor). To solve it organically, you need to find the Old Photograph Shiny Thing in the Ceramic Manor and examine the back of the photo. The solution is on the back.

If you don’t want to go through all that, you can also use our solution mapped out below.

A graphic numbering several pots on the left with a shiny Rusty Garden Trowel on the right. Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image sources: Acid Nerve/Devolver Digital

Destroy the pots in the numbered order to move the statue and open up the path. Use your arrows to break the pots. Your sword might break multiple pots in one swing.

Completing this puzzle unlocks Pothead’s secret garden. This puzzle is mandatory if you want to get the secret true ending of the game. Not only is there a Shiny Thing and two flower pots in the following garden, but there’s also a door that has a piece of a stone tablet you need for the post-game.

At night, Pothead will appear where the Rusty Garden Trowel sits. He’ll tell you how many flower pots there are that don’t have Life Seeds planted in them. This is useful, since you’ll need to put a seed in every pot to get the true ending.

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