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Destiny 2: Beyond Light guide - Warden Title

Help The Crow and Spider take out the trash

The Crow NPC in Destiny 2: Beyond Light Image: Bungie via Polygon

Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s companion season is Season of the Hunt, and revolves around Uldren, Spider, Osiris, and the Forsaken locations. Like all seasons, Season of the Hunt comes with a new Seal and Title: Warden.

The Season of the Hunt Seal and Warden title are very easy to get, especially in comparison to the Splinter Title from Beyond Light.

The Season of the Hunt Seal requires 19 Triumphs, but that includes multiple steps on the same Triumph. In reality, the Warden Title only requires seven different Triumphs.

Note: As of Nov. 20, players cannot acquire Warden. One of the Triumphs, Hive-Made Monster, has an additional step currently not in the game. We’ll update this guide when it becomes available.

Destiny 2: Season of the Hunt Seal Triumphs

Season of the Hunt is, by design, a pretty passive season. As you go about your other Destiny activities, you’ll earn new currencies to go on hunts. If you keep up with this system and use the new Season of the Hunt loot on occasion, you can get this Title almost by accident.

Currently available Triumphs

Most of the Season of the Hunt Triumphs are already available in-game.

  • Stalk and Snare: Tangled Shore. Defeat each Tier 2 Fallen Wrathborn on the Tangled Shore
  • Stalk and Snare: Dreaming City. Defeat each Tier 2 Hive Wrathborn in the Dreaming City
  • Hunting Attire. Defeat Wrathborn while wearing pieces of seasonal armor. More pieces of armor grant more efficient progress
  • Tools of the Hunt. Defeat combatants with each seasonal weapon (submachine gun, Special grenade launcher, and linear fusion rifle)
  • One’s True Culling. Defeat combatants with each Season Pass weapon (scout rifle and Heavy grenade launcher)
  • Renaissance Hunter. Hone your skills with the seasonal weaponry. Defeat combatants at close range with the submachine gun, rapidly defeat combatants with the grenade launcher, and deal precision final blows with the linear fusion rifle

Currently unavailable Triumphs

Only one Season of the Hunt Triumph isn’t available in-game yet, and you can even get most of the way there before the rest of it comes out.

Notable or difficult Triumphs

All of the Season of the Hunt Triumphs are very straightforward. But the Cryptolith Lure system can be a little complicated, so here are a few that may be confusing.

Stalk and Snare: Tangled Shore and Dreaming City - Defeat each Tier 2 Wrathborn in each location

The confusing part of this Triumph is where it says “Tier 2.” A Tier 2 Hunt requires you to have a Lure mod in the third slot. If you have just the Hunt and one mod in the first slot, that’s a Tier 1. You need to complete all four hunts in Tier 2 for these Triumphs.

If you need some help setting up your Lure, our Season of the Hunt guide can help.

Hunting Attire - Defeat Wrathborn while wearing pieces of seasonal armor. More pieces of armor grant more efficient progress

This Triumph is very easy, but looks pretty daunting if you haven’t worked on it yet. All you need to do here is keep a set of seasonal armor (the stuff that comes from Uldren or your battle pass) in your inventory at all times. Whenever you’re about to go on a Wrathborn Hunt, equip all five pieces before you complete the activity.

Keep doing that and you’ll get this Triumph really quickly.

Hive-Made Monster - Acquire upgrades for the Cryptolith Lure

This Triumph just requires you to farm Recon Data for Uldren. The problem with the Triumph is that you need to unlock all seven of the Cryptolith Lure perks from Uldren to get it. But there are currently only six perks. It seems that Bungie will launch a secret seventh perk for the Lure later this season.

We’ll update this guide once players can fully complete Hive-Made Monster.

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