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Destiny 2: How to get the new Season of the Chosen Exotic armor pieces

Each class got a new Exotic. Here’s how to unlock them.

Season of the Chosen Cuirass of the Falling Star Image: Bungie via Polygon
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Bungie added three new Exotic armor pieces with Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen. The three chest pieces — one for each class — seem very potent in endgame activities. But you won’t be able to buy these off Xur or hope you get lucky with a random drop like most other Exotics. For the Season of the Chosen chest pieces, you’ll need to play some high-level Lost Sectors.

The new Exotics are:

  • Cuirass of the Falling Star (Titan) - Increases Thundercrash damage
  • Omnioculus (Hunter) - Bonus smoke bomb and bonuses for buffing allies
  • Mantle of Battle Harmony (Warlock) - Increased Super charge rate and damage for matching Subclass and Energy weapon element

Here’s how to farm for all three new Exotics in Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen.

Waiting until Exotic Chest Armor is a reward option

Season of the Chosen Exodus Garden 2A Master Lost Sector
Hover over the Lost Sector logos each day to see the reward type
Image: Bungie via Polygon

Every day, two random Lost Sectors on Europa, the Moon, or the Cosmodrome have a special icon: one is a Master Lost Sector, and the other is a Legend Lost Sector. The Legend Lost Sector is Power level 1300 — the max for the season. And the Master Lost Sector is 1330 — 30 Power higher than the max, meaning it will always be tough.

If you hover over the Lost Sector icons, you’ll see a preview of their rewards. You can get items like Enhancement Cores from them if you play with friends, but there is a special modifier in the reward listing as well: “if solo.” If solo is exactly what it sounds like, a reward you can only get if you’re playing without a fireteam. These solo rewards are all Exotics, and they drop commonly from Master completions and uncommonly from Legend completions (in our experience, uncommon means once every three or four completions.)

When the Lost Sectors do their daily rotation, their rewards rotate as well. One day may be Exotic arms while the next is Exotic legs. If you want the new Exotic chest pieces from Season of the Chosen, wait until one of the Lost Sectors says it rewards Exotic chest armor.

When your time arrives, it’s time to suit up.

Running the Lost Sector

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen Exodus Garden 2A flag
You can look at the flag or on the menu to see what mods you have to prepare for
Image: Bungie via Polygon

These Lost Sectors are high level, especially at the start of the season before you level up. You’ll have a few lives at the start and you’ll get more lives for killing Champions. But you can’t take it too slow, because if you haven’t finished in about 15 minutes, you’ll lose all your extra lives.

When you’re trying to run one of these super hard Lost Sectors, grab your best gear and make sure you kit out your weapons and armor to be able to handle multiple Elemental shields and Champion types. Expect to fail your first few times, but eventually you’ll get an idea for the layout and breeze through the Lost Sector. Just keep running it until you get your Exotic to drop.

Just make sure to inspect the flag at the start of the Lost Sector entrance to see what modifiers you need to prepare for. And remember, if you get tired of running it without getting a drop or it’s just too hard, the Exotic Chest armor drops will come back around in a few days.

Once you get your Exotic drop, you can swap to your next character and do it again for that class. Or you can keep farming the Lost Sector to get more Exotics in the chest slot for your main character’s class.

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