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Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen guide: All Seasonal Challenges, Feb. 9 - May 11

How to complete every Season 13 Seasonal Challenge

Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen added a new mechanic to replace Weekly Bounties: Seasonal Challenges. Each week for the first several weeks of the season, Bungie will add a host of new Challenges to complete. Some offer seasonal rewards like War Table reputation, but they’re mostly useful for gaining XP for your Season Pass and Bright Dust.

While new Seasonal Challenges launch each week on Tuesdays, you can still do Challenges from previous weeks — at least until the season ends on May 11. Some Challenges are retroactive as well, meaning you can gain progress toward them before they’re in the game.

The early weeks of the season add 10 Challenges, but it eventually tapers off to be five or less each week. If you finish all Challenges in a season, you’ll complete the Master of All Challenge and earn a Large Bright Dust Pile.

In this collection of Destiny 2 guides, you’ll find the weekly Seasonal Challenges from Season of the Chosen.