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Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen guide: Seasonal Challenges for Week 5, March 9

Graven Scrawl, Lenses in Focus, and Salvager’s Salvo Armament in Season 13

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen Zavala art Image: Bungie
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Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen’s Week 5 Seasonal Challenges arrived on March 9, and in this guide we’ll show you how to complete them all.

Some Season 13 weekly Challenges are more involved than the others. Check out the descriptions below for advice on the fastest way to complete these Seasonal Challenges — particularly Graven Scrawl, Lenses in Focus, and Salvager’s Salvo Armament — before they expire on May 11.

Contender’s Ascent 5

Challenge: Report to the War Table in the HELM and complete the “Challenger’s Proving V” quest.

Like every week this season, head to the HELM to grab your new quest and complete the objective. You’ll need to do this one for the War Table XP. This week you’ll get some Large War Table Reputation, which should upgrade you further.

Golden Reaper

Challenge: Acquire Cabal Gold by playing Strikes, Gambit, Crucible, public events, and more. 500 total gold (cumulative over the course of the season).

You get Cabal Gold from basically any activity in Destiny 2, but you get the most Gold for your time in Strikes.

Graven Scrawl

Challenge: Investigate cryptic notes left in the captain’s log. Three notes.

For this challenge, you’ll need three pages from the Captain’s Log lore book. You can get one page per week when you finish the Presage mission. You’ll need to complete it three weeks in a row to get three Cryptic notes.

Lenses in Focus

Challenge: Go to the Prismatic Recaster and discover how to unlock more lenses. Five total lenses.

For this challenge, you just need to unlock the ability to craft more things from the Prismatic Recaster. Unlocking lenses usually involves getting kills with specific weapons. If you need help using the Prismatic Recaster, check out our guide.

Apex Armorer

Challenge: Masterwork a piece of armor.

For this challenge, you just need to Masterwork any piece of armor. Just from the season pass you should have the materials you need. If you’re low on Ascendant Shards, you’ll need to run some high level Nightfalls until you get one to drop. Keep in mind that you can also trade other resources to Banshee-44 in the Tower for Ascendant Shards or Prisms.

Salvager’s Salvo Armament

Challenge: Acquire the Seasonal Ritual weapon.

Early on in the season, you should’ve gotten a quest from Banshee-44 for the Salvager’s Salvo, a powerful new grenade launcher in Season of the Chosen. You’ll need to complete various activities and defeat enemies with grenade launchers. Finish the quest through Strikes, PvP, or Gambit and grab your new gun and this challenge.

In it for Infamy

Challenge: Earn Infamy ranks in Gambit. Five total.

This one takes almost no explanation. Play Gambit until you rank up enough to earn this challenge. The more you win, the faster it will go.

Ultimate Champions

Challenge: Defeat Champions in any Nightfall: The Ordeal Strikes. Earn bonus progress at higher difficulty tiers.

You’ll need to farm some Nightfalls for these. We recommend running on Hero if you don’t have a group and Master if you have a qualified group of buddies. Just kill all the Champions you can and you’ll finish this one.

Make sure to finish all of these and the rest of the Seasonal Challenges if you want to complete the Master of All Challenge by May 11, which rewards a Large Bright Dust Pile.

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