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Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen guide: Seasonal Challenges for Week 9, April 6

Convex Convergence, Dire Portents, and ... And Fell the Giant in Season 13

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen Zavala art Image: Bungie

Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen’s Week 9 Seasonal Challenges arrived on April 6, and in this guide we’ll show you how to complete them all.

Some Season 13 weekly Challenges are more involved than the others. Check out the descriptions below for advice on the fastest way to complete these Seasonal Challenges — particularly Convex Convergence, Dire Portents, and ... And Fell the Giant — before they expire on May 11.

Convex Convergence

Challenge: Focus Tier 3 Umbral Engrams.

All you need to do here is focus one Tier 3 Umbral Engram one time. If you’ve already done this, you’ll instantly complete the challenge. If you’re confused on how to do it, check out our guide.

Suited for Combat

Challenge: Defeat targets anywhere in the system with a full armor set. Bonus progress for defeating Guardians. 400 total kills.

To finish this Challenge, you’ll need to wear a full armor set and defeat enemies. By “full armor set,” it means all five pieces belong together. Use the Praefectus seasonal armor set for Season of the Chosen, as you probably have all of those pieces lying around together already.

Dire Portents

Challenge: Complete Exotic quest “Presage” on Normal or Master difficulty. Complete the quest three times.

You’ll need to complete the Presage mission on any difficulty for this one, which is pretty easy. If you’re confused on how to start it, check out our guide. Normal is a much easier experience, so just do that if you’re trying to finish the Triumph.

... And Fell the Giants

Challenge: Stagger, pierce, or disrupt Champions. 50 staggers, pierces, or disruptions.

To stagger, pierce, or disrupt Champions, you’ll need to use special mods from your Seasonal Artifact. Equip the mod suited for the type of activity you’re doing, as some Strikes only have certain kinds of Champions. Then run Nightfalls on the highest difficulty you can and focus on defeating champions. This one will take some time but you’ll finish it if you pay attention to your mods.

Feels Good to be Bad

Challenge: Defeat Guardians in Gambit. Earn bonus progress for defeating them as an Invader.

For this challenge, you really want to Invade as much as possible. If you’re bad at Invading, try picking up heavy ammo first and using the rocket launcher Truth or Eyes of Tomorrow.

Make sure to finish all of these and the rest of the Seasonal Challenges if you want to complete the Master of All Challenge by May 11, which rewards a Large Bright Dust Pile.

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