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Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer guide: Seasonal Challenges for Week 1, May 11

Maximum Override, Sacred Scorcher, and Ethereal Splicer 1 in Season 14

Key art from Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer Image: Bungie
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer’s Week 1 Seasonal Challenges arrived on May 11, and in this guide we’ll show you how to complete them all.

Some Season 14 weekly Challenges are more involved than the others. Check out the descriptions below for advice on the fastest way to complete these Seasonal Challenges — particularly Maximum Override, Sacred Scorcher, and Ethereal Splicer 1 in Season 14 — before they expire on Aug. 24.

Table of contents

Hello, World

Challenge: Speak to the Splicer Servitor and complete Path of the Splicer 1, and defeat powerful Cabal anywhere in the system. Bonus progress granted for defeating combatants in Override.

For this Challenge, you’ll just need to complete the introductory storyline to the Season of the Splicer and kill some Cabal. Kill the Cabal in the new Override missions for the most efficient progress.

Maximum Override

Challenge: Complete Override missions and deposit Data Spikes as a team. Bonus progress granted for each piece of Season of the Splicer armor equipped. Five Override missions.

All you need to do here is play a lot of Override missions. You’ll definitely complete this one over the course of the season, so don’t focus on it. But if you wear armor from the new season, which you also get from Override, you’ll complete this Challenge faster.

Ethereal Splicer 1

Challenge: Collect Ether by playing Strikes, Gambit, Crucible, Public Events, and more.

If you want to claim rewards from Override, you’ll need Ether. Jump into the core playlists listed above to grind for it. This Challenge doesn’t say exactly how much you need, but you should be able to get it done after a few Strikes.

Sidearm Splicer

Challenge: In Override, defeat opponents with Sidearms. Earn bonus progress for precision final blows.

While you’re running Override missions for the new quest and for the Maximum Override challenge, use your new Cryosthesia 77K Exotic sidearm to complete this Challenge.


Challenge: On Europa, earn progress by completing bounties, patrols, public events, and Lost Sectors. 10 bounties.

For this Challenge, you just need to complete some activities on Europa. So drop by Variks and get questing.

Challenger’s Aspiration

Challenge: Complete weekly playlist challenges. Three total.

To complete Challenger’s Aspiration you need to claim the powerful or pinnacle piece of gear from the Vanguard, Gambit, or Crucible playlists.

Close-Range Calibration

Challenge: Calibrate close-range weapons — sidearms, submachine guns, shotguns, swords — on Europa. Bonus progress for rapidly defeating targets.

While you’re working on Icebound, use the close range weapons above to double dip on these Challenges.

Drifter’s Chosen

Challenge: Earn points by banking Motes, defeating Blockers, and defeating Guardians in Gambit. 250 points.

The point system here rewards you based on how you perform in Gambit. This Challenge just translates to “play a lot of Gambit.”

Sacred Scorcher

Challenge: Defeat Guardians in Team Scorched. Earn bonus progress for charged detonations. 50 Guardians.

Sacred Scorcher is an easy Challenge as long as you complete it this week. Scorched is a rotating playlist, meaning it will go away next week and we’re not sure when it will be back. Get this one done as soon as you can. Just kill enemies in the playlist.

Vex Deletion Protocol

Challenge: Defeat Vex bosses in Strikes. Five Vex bosses.

You can find Vex bosses for this one in Strikes like The Glassway and The Inverted Spire. Run those a few times and you’ll complete this Challenge.

Make sure to finish all of these and the rest of the Seasonal Challenges if you want to complete the Master of All Challenge by Aug. 24, which rewards a Large Bright Dust Pile.