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Destiny 2 guide: 5 tips for climbing through Haunted Forest in Festival of the Lost

Looking for Fragmented Souls? This new mode is your best bet


In Destiny 2: Forsaken, the Haunted Forest is the new mode that comes with Festival of the Lost, the game’s s Halloween event. The Haunted Forest is a dungeon dive, where you and two other Guardians have 15 minutes to roam a randomly generated arena of enemies, filling a meter until you reach 100 percent. After that, your team is teleported to a boss fight, which’ll advance you to a more difficult branch.

In Haunted Forest, you want to climb as high as you can as fast as you can. In this guide, we’re going to give some tips on how you can improve your Haunted Forest runs, and the best way to work with your Fireteam.

Mod your mask and craft your loadout

Crafting your loadout is a big deal in any mode, and Haunted Forest is no different. Make sure you have two weapons that are great for just killing enemies and another that’s great for boss damage. We prefer to use a hand cannon like Midnight Coup and a shotgun like the Ikelos. For our power, we usually run Sleeper Simulant or Whisper of the Worm.

The mask mod is unique to Haunted Forest. It can increase your overall damage, your boss damage or your elite enemy damage. To get these mods, you’ll need to upgrade your masks by killing bosses. Upgrade all three mods fully — which’ll net you a triumph — since it’ll let you be very flexible in your loadout and help you plan based on the mods your Fireteam members have available. A good spread of mods is likely best, although we’ve yet to see any math on the most effective mods.

Revive your teammates, and don’t respawn

In Destiny 2, it can be easy to habitually mash that respawn button as soon as you die. Avoid this urge in the Haunted Forest. Respawning in this mode will throw you all the way back to the start of whatever branch you’re on. If you’re anywhere past the first or second door, wait for an ally to revive you. Good runs have been ruined because players respawn and have to run all the way back to find enemies.

Thankfully, all teammates are instantly revived when the boss spawns. But unless you’re close to hitting 100 percent, it’s always worth picking up a friend in need. The only exception here is if one of the immune axe knights are out and about. These guys will destroy you in later rounds, so be sure to lead them away before reviving an ally.


Chain your Supers

A big part of making it to the later branches in Haunted Forest is effective super usage. Supers can be great for clearing out Nightmares, but they’re probably better used to kill large groups of Daemons and some yellow bars.

Crowd clearing Supers like throwing hammers and arc staff are great, but orb-generating Supers like tether can be great, too — and pairing the two types together is ideal. Make sure you’re following your team around and picking up orbs. Ideally, you should be able to Super at least twice per branch.

Look for large groups of enemies

The goal in Destiny 2’s Haunted Forest is to kill as many enemies as quickly as possible. Play carefully and learn what enemies you can skip and what enemies you want to completely clear out.

Large groups of Daemons are great, because they give a much higher percentage when killed. However, nothing is faster than an entire room full of Cursed Thrall, Exploding Shanks or Cabal Hounds.. You can kill all of them with a few shots, and some of them even explode and kill other enemies. If you clear out a big area of Daemons, you may want to just move on to another room if the other enemies are all hard to kill or sparse.

Alternatively, you can leave someone behind to clean out the rest of the enemies, which brings us to our final tip.


Spread out

This tip may sound antithetical to the chain Supers tips, and in many ways it is. But spreading out will allow your team to rack up percentages quickly.

You’ll come across several doors that will split into two paths. One will have an exit, and the other will probably be a kill room filled with enemies. If you separate a bit, you can make progress through the branch with a group of two and leave another player behind to clear out the rest of the enemies.

To keep chaining your Supers, your team will need good communication so everyone knows when it’s time to group and when it’s time to split. You can also just let your separated teammate know where orbs are dropping, but that can be finicky due to despawning orbs and simple communication problems. Keep running with the same team, and you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

Reaching seven branches will give you a triumph and a sweet emblem, but going even higher will net even more Fragmented Souls. Good luck and godspeed, Guardians.

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