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Destiny 2: Forsaken guide: how to beat the Shattered Throne dungeon

Step 1: Have high light and a group of friends

Bungie/Activision via Polygon
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The Shattered Throne is a dungeon in Destiny 2: Forsaken, a completely new term for the franchise. But this mission is actually similar to The Whisper mission from earlier this year, which nets you the Whisper of the Worm exotic. The Shattered Throne is filled with all kinds of secrets — some which probably yet to be discovered — and is eventually how you’ll claim the Wish-ender bow. But each encounter also drops some pretty powerful loot.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to get around this new dungeon and claim its spoils for yourself.

Note: This dungeon is difficult alone and at lower power levels. We recommend getting two other friends to come in with you, and we wouldn’t suggest that you try and tackle this dungeon below power level 560. The Shattered Throne dungeon is also only available every three weeks, when the Dreaming City’s curse is at its worst.

Part 1: The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth section is by far the easiest part of the Shattered Throne, and is time-consuming to get done. When you first enter the dungeon, you’ll need to walk forward, open a door, and move into the giant arena ahead of you. Before you go in, take a glance at your surroundings.

There is one big building in the middle, with two towers on the left and right. This is how we’ll orient the symbols here, which’ll make sense in just a minute.

Once you move into the building, you’ll see your first Labyrinth Architect. This is a difficult Taken enemy that you must destroy. Once it’s gone — as well as all the enemies around it — you’ll see that a symbol has appeared somewhere near the Architect. Note that this will be a white, glowing symbol, rather than a static one carved into the wall.

The symbol that shows up will be directing you to the carved symbol that it matches. Essentially, you’ll be running around the entire area, looking for symbols, and killing enemy groups until you get sent back to where you started.

The symbols and their locations are:

  • Infinity Snake: located in the very back of the center building
  • U Snake: located in the middle of the center building
  • Dragon Breathing Fire Left: located in the left tower
  • Boring Bird: located in the right tower
  • Fish Curl: located in the courtyard in front of the right tower
  • Two Fish Spin: located between Infinity Snake and Fire Breathing Dragon Right, in the lower area under the rest of the map
  • Bird Fly Down: located at the entrance of the area, where the first Architect dies

Once you see Bird Fly Down, return to where you started and kill the enemies. You’ll be rewarded with a very nice piece of loot, and the large vault in the floor will open for you. Jump down and begin your decent.

Part 2: The decent

Once the door opens up, you’ll move into an open area with enemies below. Equip long-range weapons and take them out.

Jump down once they’re all dead and climb the stairs. Eventually, you’ll find a Taken Captain boss. Kill him and his buddies to open the door.

Through the door, you’ll find a hallway filled with snipers and Taken Knights. Move through the area slowly, meticulously clearing out both sides of enemies before pushing in anymore. Once you’ve killed all the enemies, take the stairs to the left.

The next area is a little tricky. You’ll be in a room with small beams to stand on above a pit. Unfortunately, there are Ogres that can push you off and to your death. Like with the sniper room, move very slowly and clear out the Ogres as they spawn in. There will also be rotating Taken orbs of death. While you can technically jump around these, ignore them and just take the long way around to be safe.

As soon as you leave the Ogre room, you’ll find yourself walking up to a Taken film. Walking through this will slow you. You’ll need to follow the path without being able to double jump and while moving slowly. The catch is that Taken Thrall will swarm you, and that your health won’t regenerate. Use the walls to jump up and ignore the Thrall. Unlike the rest of this dungeon, just book it instead of taking your time. When you get to the end, jump down and walk out the door.

In this open area, you’ll need to take the large wall to reach the next boss fight ahead. Jump and climb, avoiding the exploding walls to your left. Once you reach the top, get yourself some void weapons and jump into the boss’ room.

Part 3: Vorgeth, the Boundless Hunger

This fight is awful. Welcome to pain.

Once you land in the room, four Wizards and their terrible cronies will spawn in all of the cardinal directions. Then there’s Vorgeth, a giant, immune Ogre in the middle of the room. The goal here is to kill all four Wizards, collect the buff they hold, and use it to make Vorgeth vulnerable. The catch is that at least one of your Fireteam members has to stay alive, or the buffs will be wiped.

Kill the first Wizard on the left, and start making your way around the room clockwise, as a group. Once you pick the first buff up, keep in mind that you need to move fast. If you don’t pick up another buff within 45 seconds, you’ll die.

Once all four Wizards are down — which can be a real pain, so we recommend something to take out their void shields from range — take the new buff, called Petitioner’s Burden, and dunk it into one of the four fires around Vorgeth.

After the fire’s gone out, Vorgeth will be vulnerable. However, he’ll also be at his most dangerous. He’ll now start lobbing Axiom Bolts at you, like a real jerk. These are very aggressive and hurt badly. Keep away or use some kind of Warlock Well or Titan shield to protect you. Shoot him in the face until he either dies or goes immune again.

If he’s dead, congratulations! Enjoy your gear. If he isn’t, do the whole process again and repeat until this Ogres toast.

Part 4: The climb

Once Vorgeth is down, move forward and greet the statue of Sjur Eido. This will not only remove the Awoken Talisman from your inventory, but it’ll start the quest to find the Wish-Ender bow.

This section is pretty straightforward and hard to mess up. Run forward until you reach a group of Wizards and a lift. Jump in and float your way to the top. Clear the enemies, run forward. And do it again. You’ll repeat this process until you reach a dead end. Here, you’ll need to hang a right and shimmy along the exploding wall.

Make your way through the horrible Taken Hobgoblins and booping walls until you reach the final two lifts. Take them up to greet the final boss of the Shattered Throne.

Part 5: Dul Incaru, the Eternal Return

Dul Incaru is easy enough to beat on her own. The problem is dealing with her three Knight friends and the army of Psions she summons.

When the fight starts, separate your team to either side of the room. You’ll need to completely clear the room of Psions as soon as they spawn. Leaving even one of these little gremlins up will be a serious headache for you later, so clear them out.

Now you’ll need to deal with the gigantic Knights, all while avoiding Dul Incaru’s fire. Take the Knights out slowly and evenly. Once they only have about a third of their health left, use a Super or heavy ammo to take them down quickly. As they near death, they’ll start moving very quickly and will become difficult to deal with.

Occasionally, Dul Incaru will also summon a giant crystal — which’ll shield her Knights from any damage. Destroy the crystal and get ready for another wave of Psions. Once you’re ready to kill the Knights, execute your plan and take them all out at once. Pick up the buffs that they drop and prepare to fight Dul Incaru.

If you’re successful, you’ll have the damage buff times three. This will amplify your damage against Dul Incaru significantly. You shouldn’t need to take more than one swing at her before she dies — but just in case, don’t let your buff expire, as it’ll kill you. To cleanse the buff, jump over the big cauldron in the middle of the room.

Once Dul Incaru’s health hits zero, she’ll die and you’ll have defeated the Shattered Throne.

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