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Take a look at Destiny 2’s Gambit map, Emerald Coast

Survey the playing field before taking down the Primeval


During Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Gambit free trial on Sept. 1, players will have access to one of the four maps that will be available at the expansion’s Sept. 4 launch. It’s called Emerald Coast, and it’ll have Cabal and Fallen enemy types during the trial.

The Emerald Coast consists of three fronts: Trees (northwest), Ruins (north), and Beach (northeast). Enemies will spawn in the red areas of the map and drop motes when killed. In the Backfield (center) are the bank and invasion portal. Here, players will bank motes, attack other players, and eventually take down the Primeval.

To succeed on this map, players will need to move quickly between the fronts. Although it’s difficult to see on the map above, there are several high and low points in the Emerald Coast, leaving enemies a place to hide from you. But clever players will be able to weed their foes out and use these spaces to hide themselves as well.

Destiny 2 Gambit’s Emerald Coast takes place in the EDZ — according to our interview with Gambit designers Lars Bakken and Robbie Stevens — and while it only has access to two races in the trial, a third will be available in the full version. In each of Gambit’s four maps, three races will be available, each with three subsets of position spawning. Bungie’s goal is to make Gambit feel different each time, even if you seen the same map multiple times in a row.

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