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Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Last Wish raid guide: Kalli, the Corrupted

Take down Last Wish’s first boss

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Kalli, the Corrupted is the first boss in the Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Last Wish raid. She may be the simplest foe you’ll face in Last Wish, but that doesn’t mean you can take it easy. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to take down Kalli perfectly, and earn your third Seed of Light.

Loadout and Fireteam

You can take down Kalli with basically any fireteam. However, there are certainly classes that will give your team big bonuses:

  • An Orpheus Rig Hunter can be useful for clearing middle adds, although this is occasionally more trouble than it’s worth. Any Gunslinger class is great if Orpheus Rig isn’t working out.
  • A Code of the Commander Sentinel Titan can add a lot to the DPS phase and keep players safe, which is very helpful.
  • A Well of Radiance Warlock can provide similar benefits to the Sentinel. Having both is ideal.

As far as weapons, play a primary that has medium to short range. A pulse rifle or auto rifle is perfectly fine.

To deal with the Knight, your secondary weapon should be a shotgun if you’re around 545 power or above. Under that, you may want to run a sniper rifle, as getting close to your Knight will be serious trouble.

Your power weapon should be Whisper of the Worm or Sleeper Simulant if you can swing it. While Kalli’s head does a lot of moving, these weapons will do far more damage than any other. If you’re struggling to hit her critical spot regularly, we recommend that you get a grenade launcher or a rocket with cluster bombs instead.

Standing on the plates

Before the fight with Kalli starts, you’ll see nine plates with symbols around the room. There are four kinds of symbols, which we’ll show you below.

The callouts we used are eight, U, infinity and split.

Kalli will be immune in the middle of the room, and there will be three symbol trees around her. Each of these trees has the same two symbols attached to it. Divide your team into three groups of two, and assign a pair to a tree.

All six symbols that hang from the tree need to have their plates cleansed. Cleansing a plate that doesn’t have symbol will spawn a powerful Ogre in the middle of the room. Scatter around the room and go to your assigned symbol. Standing on the plate will begin the encounter.

The plates are divided into three quadrants. The quadrants will rotate over the course of the encounter, with Taken blights sitting on two sections at a time. If you’re standing in a Taken sector, you’ll instantly be killed. Rotate your body around the plate and stand in the clean area while killing Taken Thrall. Eventually, you’ll spawn a Taken Knight. Killing the Taken Knight will cleanse your plate.

Kalli will occasionally teleport to someone’s plate and start messing with them by flinging them into the air and throwing them across the room. Step off your plate or to the side to protect yourself. You can also deal enough damage to Kalli with a grenade or headshots to make her go away.

Once all six Taken Knights have been killed, the damage phase can begin.

Damaging Kalli

Kalli will spawn into the middle of the room and start “summoning an ontological weapon.” When this text appears, the damage phase has officially begun. Stand in the middle of the pit and fire up at Kalli with your power weapons. Now is a great time to use Sentinel's shield and Well of Radiance.

After a short time, Kalli will begin to use her weapon and start summoning. There are a few visual hints for this. What looks like a sound wave will appear above her head, and she’ll begin waving her arms and chanting. This means that she’s about to kill the entire room. Thankfully, some doors will open under her, offering safe passage for one player.

If you correctly killed all six Knights, six doors will open under Kalli. However, the doors will be random each time, meaning you’ll need some sort of system to guarantee that two people don’t run into the same door.

The first time we ran through this, we used a stagger method. Three players go into doors, and three follow behind. Another method we’ve had success with was numbered, where each player is assigned a number and goes in a corresponding door. The doors are numbered left to right, up to down — just like reading in English.

Once you’ve safely made it into a door, wait until it opens again and walk back out. The damage phase will start anew.

Be aware that Kalli can fire curses out you that deal serious damage. Watch for them and dodge whenever possible. Repeat this process, and enter doors two more times.

Once Kalli has made it all the way around the circle, the plate phase will start all over again. Find your tree, find your plate, open the doors, and get back to the DPS phase. You can repeat this up to two more times — three times total — although depending on your damage, you may be able to do it in two.

Once Kalli’s health hits zero, you’ll have completed the first encounter. Congratulations! Four more to go.