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Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Last Wish raid guide: Shuro Chi, the Corrupted

Take down Last Wish’s second fight


Shuro Chi is the second fight in Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Last Wish raid, and is significantly more difficult than Kalli. Players will need to chase Shuro up the Dreaming City and into the spire. Worse, plenty of adds stand in your way. It’s a race to the finish, and we’re going to teach you how it’s done.

Loadout and Fireteam

The makeup of your team has a far bigger impact in the Shuro fight:

  • Orpheus Rig Hunters are must haves, especially if you’re running a low light team. Their orb generation is unmatched, and will allow you to repeat your Super regularly.
  • Code of the Commander Titans as well as Well of Radiance Warlocks add a lot to the damage phases against Shuro. You can use just one or use both. The Well will keep you healthy while the shield can be useful to block some enemies later in the fight.
  • Wave clear Supers, especially those that deal damage to yellow bar enemies, are essential for every other player. We had two Sunbreaker Titans, with one running the Melting Point hammers for extra boss damage and minor enemy wave clear. The other Sunbreaker was using the new Code of the Devastator tree for massive Major damage.

Your primary this time around should be any mid to long range weapon you have. Pulse rifles are great once again, with scout rifles also being pretty useful.

Your secondary should be a fast firing shotgun. If you have the IKELOS shotgun from Escalation Protocol, it will come in handy here.

Your power weapon should be Whisper of the Worm. If you don’t have that, consider leaving the raid and going to get it. If that isn’t an option, try using DARCI or the Legend of Acrius. A sword could potentially be useful here as well, although we haven’t tested it. You’ll probably be pretty close to the boss, so avoid using any kind of explosive weapon.

Lowering Shuro’s shield

When the door to the encounter first opens, Shuro will spawn a massive wave of Taken enemies. Have your team use an Orpheus Rig shot to create a bunch of orbs and kill all the enemies. Simultaneously, have one of your wave clear players push into the room and begin clearing the freshly spawned Knights.

One enemy, the Eye of Riven, will be particularly difficult to defeat. But once you take it down, it’ll leave behind a buff that one player can wield. Leave it alone for now.

Continue clearing the waves of Taken until some crystals spawn on the platforms around Shuro Chi. At this point, Shuro’s tempo will quicken, which will cause the timer on the left side of your screen to count down faster. If that timer hits zero, your entire team will wipe.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Choose three players to be crystal wielders.
  2. Have each of them jump on a separate plate. (Doing this will damage them, and they’ll continue to take damage as long as they sit on the plate.)
  3. Each of the players must quickly point the crystal and fire the laser at the player to their left.

If done correctly, this will form a triangle around Shuro Chi. Shortly after the beams have connected to all three players’ bodies, the shield around Shuro Chi will spiral and drop.

Damaging Shuro Chi

Once Shuro’s shield has fallen, you’ll need to take her down quickly. The boss’ health is separated into six segments. The phase will end when Shuro either kills your team, or a sixth of her health is removed.

Choose one player to pick up the buff from the Eye of Riven. The primary fire will do very little damage to Shuro Chi, but the Super is extremely useful. When the damage phase begins, Shuro will begin singing a new song.

She will rotate her arms around her body and get louder and louder as the song progresses. Once she throws her hands to the ground and starts to raise them, the Eye of Riven player will need to use their Super to interrupt her. This will break her concentration, causing her to restart her song. If she completes it the second time, all players will die. Note that Shuro will be instantly interrupted if her health falls below the threshold.

To ensure that Shuro’s health falls fast enough, you’ll need to use the buffs mentioned above: Well of Radiance, Code of the Commander, Melting Point, Empowering Rift, etc. If you don’t have a Warlock using Lunafaction Boots, you may want to have a Rally Barricade Titan set up next to the boss.

Take her down quickly enough, and you won’t even need the interrupt. If you can’t get past this section, you may not have high enough light to progress in this fight.

Chasing Shuro

Once Shuro’s health has lowered by a sixth, she will teleport away to the next area. Grab any Orbs of Light you can to restore your Super.

Push into the next area, clearing out all the adds. There will be a Taken Ogre in the distance. Have a player with Whisper of the Worm or another powerful sniper target it.

Once you find Shuro Chi and another Eye of Riven, you’ll need to lower her shield and repeat the damage phase.

The puzzle room

Once Shuro’s health has reached four of six bars, you’ll be directed into a puzzle room. Looking to the top left of the room will show an obscured picture. Four of the nine panels will be solid instead of ornately decorated. Four players will need to simultaneously stand on plates that correspond with the solid images to clear the picture.

The plates on the ground are oriented like the picture. Imagine looking at the picture from the back of the room and pulling it straight down onto the floor. The lower left plate — the one closest to you to the left — will affect the lower left part of the picture. Four players will each need to claim a plate, count down, and simultaneously jump on it. Note that the same player cannot jump on the same plate twice, meaning that if someone makes a mistake, you’ll need to scramble your team a bit. (A red plate denotes failure.)

If done correctly, the picture will appear fully and an alert will appear in the bottom left of your screen, designating that the command has been accepted. The picture to the right will then become scrambled, and the plates will become oriented in the same way as the previous pictures. Complete the second and third picture to progress.

While this is happening, enemies will be spawning into the room. The two players not assigned to any specific plates should focus on taking down the Taken Phalanx first, and moving to clear the rest of the Taken after it’s dead.

The catch to the puzzle room is that the timer that began at the start of the fight will still be counting down. The faster you clear Shuro’s health bars, the more time you’ll have in the puzzle room — you want to make sure you have between 40 seconds and one minute before starting the puzzle. Once you’ve cleared the puzzle room, Shuro’s timer will restart, and the encounter will start anew. Jump up the platforms that lower to reach the encounter’s second floor.



After you’ve reached the second platform, you’ll need to repeat all of the steps listed above. Coordinate your Supers, clear the enemies, lower Shuro’s shield, attack her. Once you’ve done that twice, you’ll reach yet another puzzle room.

The third floor is the same as the first and second, but with harder enemies. On the final encounter, when Shuro has reached a dead end, she’ll spawn an extra wave of Knights as she spawns the crystals.

Have the crystal Guardians lower her shield immediately, as her tempo will quickly delete the time. The Guardian in charge of grabbing the Eye of Riven will have to work with the other two free players to clear the new wave of Knights as the crystal wielders are working. However, be sure that you keep listening for Shuro Chi, so that you don’t miss your cue to interrupt her.

Once your team has eliminated Shuro Chi’s final bar of health, she’ll be cleansed of all the Taken power that surrounds her. Congratulations, you beat the first hard fight in Last Wish. The time has come to climb the spire and slay and Ogre.

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