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Destiny 2: Forsaken Last Wish raid guide: Cleansing Riven’s heart

One final run

Bungie/Activision via Polygon

The cleansing of Riven’s heart is the final step in Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Last Wish raid. After defeating Riven, you’ll find yourself inside the giant beast. It’s time to take her corrupted heart to the witches of the Awoken and cleanse it once and for all. This guide will help you get through the raid’s final, annoying run so you can get some loot.

Fireteam and Loadout

For this encounter, swap to some serious wave clear Supers. Hunter Tether is great here, as is Blade Barrage. Throwing Hammers and Dawnblade are both great as well. Our team found a great deal of success with Code of the Commander, so if you have one of those, feel free to bring them along as well.

Your weapons can be pretty much the same as Riven, although you should switch out your Whisper or Sleeper for a rocket or a grenade launcher.

Carrying the heart

Your entire Fireteam will be standing around in Riven’s heart chamber when her corrupted heart starts floating in the center of the room. One random player will have a new buff: Fate’s Chosen. This is the only player that can hold the heart.

Once everyone is ready, have the Fate’s Chosen pick up the heart and start running out of Riven’s mouth. Your goal here is to run all the way back to the Vault room and fall down the elevator in the Stairs zone. The catch is that Fate’s Chosen has a timer as soon as the wielder picks up the heart.

About 20 seconds after the heart is picked up, the Fate’s Chosen player — and anyone too foolish to be standing too close to them — will be sucked into the heart. However, the heart is also emitting a life-giving aura that protect players from the Creeping Darkness debuff. You’ll need to strike a delicate balance of following not too closely to the heart holder and not too far.

Once the wielder gets sucked into the heart, it’ll choose another player. The easiest way to save time here is to just have everyone try and pick up the heart with their interact button. Once a new player is chosen, you should be out of Riven and into the Ogre room from the last fight. You’ll likely notice that the room is filled with enemies. Everyone should use their Super here — Code of Commander is especially useful for escorting the heart holder.

If anyone dies, they’ll be instantly transported into the heart. If more than one player dies in this fight, you won’t have time to finish the encounter. Wipe instead.

After the second heart holder’s buff starts ticking down, the first heart holder will need to grab all of the Taken Strength inside the heart (a step we’ll go into more detail about in the next section). This will slow down Riven’s beating, which will reset the Fate’s Chosen buff. This can only happen once per player. If Riven chooses you, you’ll eventually end up inside her heart, regardless of what you try and do.

Move through the next room with the heart and take a left. (You’ll need to be sure that your team is still actively clearing the enemies.) Run through the darkness jumping puzzle and across to the other side. Head out the right door. You’ll now be near the vault. Enter into the open zone — either Forest or Pillar — and make your way through the tunnels.

When you finally reach the Stairs zone, jump down and carry the heart up the stairs. Plant it in the bowl next to the Techeuns to spawn all the loot chests and beat the raid!

Inside the heart

Once you get teleported into the heart, you’ll have a very important job to do. There will be enemies all around you, and occasionally Taken Strength orbs will spawn in. Listen for your heart wielder to count down their timer. Once it hits around three seconds, finish collecting all the Taken Strength in the chamber.

As the run continues, you’ll gain more help. This will also spawn more enemies and more Taken Strength each wave. For the heart to slow, your team will need to collect every Taken Strength in the heart. But just like the Spirekeeper, you can only have two Taken Strength at once. You’ll need other players to collect the Strengths on time so the buff can reset.

Keep each runner running for as long possible, and you’ll make it to the end.

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