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Destiny 2: Forsaken Heroic Public Events guide (update)

Ether Ritual, Cryo-Pod, Rift Generator

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

With the new Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion comes new Public Events, and therefore new ways to turn them Heroic. With the Heroic moniker comes a harder event but sweet rewards. Learning to do these events on your own can be tough, so we’ve figured them out to help you. Here’s how to turn two of Forsaken’s new Public Events into Heroics.

Ether Ritual

In the Ether Ritual Public Event, you’ll find yourself standing nearby a servitor that’s broken, stuck in the ground. You’ll also be surrounded by three other broken servitors. Scorn will spawn at one of the surrounding servitors, and you’ll be tasked with killing a mini-boss. Defeat the boss however you like, but pay attention to the servitor and make sure that they’re standing around.

Once the boss is dead, a message will pop up on the bottom of your screen, and you’ll begin to see small blobs of ether start floating toward the center servitor. Shoot them with whatever you have access to and prevent the blobs from reaching the damage servitor in the middle. Repeat this process three times.

If you manage to kill all three bosses without letting a single blob of ether reach the middle servitor, you’ll spawn a far more difficult boss. Defeat it, and you’ll complete the Heroic Public Event.


With the Cryo-Pod Public Event, a giant, prisoner-filled rocket will land in the ground. You’ll need to clear out two waves of enemies before you can do anything, so go ahead and take care of that.

Once the boss spawns and loses some health, small vents around the Cryo-Pod will start pushing out freezing gas. Shoot the vents until they break, which will produce a frozen orb. Pick up the orb and throw it at the boss, who should be stomping around nearby. Hit it several times to freeze the boss in place. You’ll then need to stand close to the boss until the orbs can be recovered, and fend off waves of enemies from the boss’ faction.

Once the meter has filled up all the way, you’ll have recovered the enemy and completed the Heroic Public Event.

Rift Generator

This Heroic Public Event can be pretty tough when you first enter the Dreaming City, especially if you’re all alone. We recommend you only try to make this Heroic if you have at least one ally nearby.

While defending the rift generator in the center of the area, Scorn and Taken will attack you from three sides: center, left, and right. Once their onslaught on one front ends, a giant Taken blight will spawn at the back, hovering over the water. Before it sinks, you need to destroy the blight by whatever means you have at your disposal. Repeat this on each front.

Once all three blights have gone down, a large blight will spawn over the rift generator, surrounded by wizards. Kill all three wizards without letting the rift generator be destroyed by the surrounding enemies.

If you’re successful, everyone in the area will be sucked into the Ascendant Realm. Here, you’ll need to defeat a powerful boss. Once it’s dead, you’ll have completed the hardest public event in the Dreaming City.

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