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Destiny 2 guide: Cayde-6 Nessus chest locations, Oct. 10-16

The icons aren’t particularly helpful this week.

Each week, Cayde-6 will sell you treasure maps for the Flashpoint location. From Oct. 10-16, Cayde-6’s chests are located on Nessus.

After the weekly reset, run down to the hanger and meet with Cayde-6. Each map will cost you 4,800 glimmer and will appear in your inventory after you purchase it. If you look at the planet in question, you’ll see several spade icons all over the area. Those are the chests.

It’s worth noting that you only want to get two or three chests at once. Getting all five in a row can result in no loot in the final two. Grab three, do something else and come back in about 10 minutes. Time to go exploring, Guardian.

Exodus Black

Chest 1

“Thought I’d escaped, but you know how the Vex are. I got as far as this energy shield, thinking it was a way out. Dead end. So I dropped what I had there and tried to shoot through. Bam! Right back into the loop.” — Cayde-6

Drop into the Exodus Black area and hop on your Sparrow. Roll north until you reach a small alcove. Climb a few rocks and enter the space. Follow the hallway as it twists and turns. Eventually, you’ll reach a dead end, capped with an energy shield, a weird floating rock and Cayde-6’s chest. Grab your loot.


Chest 2

“I had no choice. Once I saw the floating rocks, there was no way I was going to weigh myself down with extra gear. I was Lightless after all, remember?” — Cayde-6

Make your way to the Hallows however you choose. Once you are in the cave, surrounded by Vex, go east through the opening with the red glow. Follow the path until you reach the Sunken Cavern. Once you emerge from the cave, look across the great open space to spot the chest sitting on a ledge. Platform your way across the rocks until you reach the treasure.

Chest 3

“So there I was, two choices: I could’ve tried climbing the red ivy, or just jump. What do you think I did?” — Cayde-6

Make your way to the Hallows however you choose. Pass through the Vex caves and take the southern path. Roll along the road until you see sunlight. When the path twists left, jump off your Sparrow and onto the lip of the Vex-made cliff face. Your treasure should be right next to you.

Watcher’s Grave

Chest 4

“So this cache … I don’t know. It seemed like a good idea at the time. How do you feel about climbing trees?” — Cayde-6.

Drop in at the Watcher’s Grave and follow the road forward. After only a few seconds, you’ll see a massive tree on your right. The chest is sitting on its northernmost branch, which hangs parallel to the ground. Jump up the back wall to climb the tree and reach the treasure.

The Tangle

Chest 5

“I was just doing what Failsafe said. I mean, she seems reliable, half the time. So I entered this cave and set up my little fallback point, took a few steps in, and bam, the battle began.” — Cayde-6

Drop into Artifact’s Edge and head west toward the Tangle. Once you are in the area, push forward until you find the massive crevice that leads into a small pond below. Jump in. At the bottom, look for a small cave opening with orange lights around it. Enter the cave and hang right. You should walk right into Cayde’s final chest.

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