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Destiny 2 guide: The best Exotic weapons

Pick the best tool for each job.

There are a ton of new Exotic weapons to chase in Destiny 2, and there may even be some still hidden in the game. But even with such a beautiful collection, you must choose only one to use at a time. While almost all of these Exotics have specific moments in which they shine, there are five Exotic guns that everyone should have.



Merciless is an Exotic fusion rifle that deals incredible damage to bosses. Thanks to its Exotic perk, Preserve Momentum, Merciless charges faster and faster for each consecutive non-lethal kill. So while this gun preforms like a perfectly normal fusion rifle against most enemies, it is able to fire extremely quickly for those it cannot kill in one hit.

What makes Merciless so damn powerful is its versatility. If you need to use this like a normal fusion rifle, you are absolutely free to do so. Similarly, if a major is standing in your way, you can burn him down in an instant. This gun is very useful in the raid as well, specifically during the Pleasure Garden and Emperor Calus encounters.

Unfortunately, Merciless is a drop from Exotic or Luminous engrams, rather than a quest reward. To get it you will need to farm engrams or hope you get lucky with Master Rahool or Xur.

Wardcliff Coil


Wardcliff Coil is a bizarre rocket launcher that does high damage to both bosses and groups of enemies. However, this gun is actually very difficult to use properly and players will often try it once or twice, decide they don’t like it and put it away. Do not pass up the Wardcliff Coil.

The Wardliff’s Exotic perk, Mad Scientist, causes it to fire a Volley of Rockets rather than just one powerful rocket. Each of these rockets tracks individually and tends to fly off into nothingness if not properly directed. To use this perk to your advantage, Wardcliff Coil is best used in Nightfalls on either a boss or a large group of enemies. Stay close to your target if it is a boss and try sweeping your reticle over the group for clustered enemies.

If you are looking for a consistent gun, Wardcliff is not the best pick. However, if things go right, this gun has some of the highest potential damage in all of Destiny 2. Spend some time with it and you too will learn to love Wardcliff Coil.

Wardcliff Coil also only drops out of Exotic or Luminous engrams.

MIDA Multi-Tool


The MIDA Multi-Tool is certainly Destiny’s most infamous gun. Known for being a absolute terror in Destiny PvP, the MIDA Multi-Tool returned to play the exact same role in the sequel. The MIDA Multi-Tool is a powerful scout rifle that shoots quickly and is incredibly stable. Its Exotic perk, MIDA Multi-Tool, causes the weapon to grant its wilder bonus movement speed when equipped.

What makes the MIDA Multi-Tool so good in PvP is a combination of the speed, the MIDA Radar perk that makes your radar always available (even when aiming down sight) and High-Caliber rounds, which makes the targets you are hitting flinch more than normal. If you love the Crucible, you have to get this gun.

Luckily, getting MIDA Multi-Tool is very easy. Once you have finished the campaign, go to Devrim Kay in the EDZ and follow his planetary quest line. Check out our guide to help you along the way.



Before the Leviathan raid, Coldheart was somewhat of a joke. Its damage is fairly unimpressive against normal enemies, and it’s laughably bad in the Crucible.

However, once the raid opened, players discovered this gun’s true power. Coldheart’s perks cause it to shoot a constant laser beam that deals more damage the longer it stay on the same target. While it may just seem like an ordinary gun against regular enemies, this thing melts majors and bosses. This is currently the favorite gun to use against Calus, the Leviathan raid’s final boss.

Acquiring Coldheart is either very easy or very difficult depending on when you attempt it. If you pre-ordered Destiny 2, you should already have the gun after completing the campaign. If you picked up Destiny 2 late, you will unfortunately have to wait until Dec. 5 when the gun will drop in Exotic or Luminous engrams for all players.

Sweet Business


Sweet Business is one of Destiny 2’s most unique guns. A traditional video game mini-gun that you can carry with you at all times, it can feel a little unwieldy to use. It takes time in your hands to get used to the feel of this gun. But once you have mastered the recoil and start thinking of your Kinetic weapon a little differently, this gun becomes powerful in any fight.

In the raid, it is very useful for multiple fights, including the Royal Pools and Calus. In Nightfalls, it can chew through the boss as well as majors. In Public Events you can mow down all enemies in your path. In PvP … it’s pretty below average to be honest but still very fun to use.

While all of the other guns on this list serve a distinct purpose, Sweet Business is able to sneak in here because of how fun it is to use no matter where you are using it. You will almost always be better served by one of the other four guns on this list, but none of them are as fun to use as Sweet Business. Sadly, this gun has no quest and is instead found in Exotic and Luminous engrams.

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