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Destiny 2 guide: How to find every Leviathan Raid chest

The path and location of every chest in the Leviathan underbelly

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Destiny 2’s Leviathan Raid takes place on a huge ship near Nessus. While all of the action takes place in Dominus Calus’ palace, there’s also an elaborate underground (internal?) network of tunnels that lead around, through and between the various challenge (and challenging) rooms. And the tunnels in the underbelly hide the Leviathan Raid’s extra chests, with glimmer, tokens and engrams inside, so they’re worth exploring.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get into the Leviathan Raid’s underbelly and find each of the treasure chests. Each section below corresponds to a section of the underbelly, and you can see the paths written, in the galleries below and in the video above.


Completing each of the challenges in the Leviathan Raid will earn you a random key. The order in which you’ll encounter these challenges changes every week. You’ll need to complete the challenges and get at least some of the keys before continuing. Use our guides for the Pleasure Gardens, the Gauntlet and the Royal Pools to help you out.

You may notice that there are three challenge rooms and, therefore, three keys you can get during a raid, but nine chests listed below. That’s correct. You’ll have to run the Leviathan Raid multiple times in the same week if you want to get all of the keys to open all of the chests. Keys survive the Daily Reset, but not the Weekly Reset.

Getting into the underbelly

The first thing you need to do is gain access to the underbelly of the Leviathan. When you first appear on the Leviathan, you’re standing on a bridge. As you run forward toward the Cabal honor guard, drop underneath the bridge to a secret bridge below.

You’ll find a room just inside the walls of the palace that has six levers on the three pillars inside. Station one person from your fireteam at each of the levers. Counting from left to right as you walk in, throw the levers in the following order, one after the next: 1, 5, 3, 2, 4, 6. You’ll see “The way is open” appear on the left side of your screen.

From the sewers to Transfer

Head back out to the under-bridge area and climb up the ramps toward the main entrance to the palace. After nine ramps, watch for a pair of large pipes leading in under the palace — this is the path you just opened.

Jump along the pipes and the angled, American Ninja Warrior ramps all the way to the end of the long hallway you’re in. Jump up and to the left to find a control room. Use the switch inside to activate the lift, then run back out and jump into the glowing fan.

Jump out of the lift at the top and continue along the wide hallway. You’ll go up a couple ramps and loop back around on top of your path as you climb. Just keep following the hallway until you hit a door.


Behind the door is a complicated room with four Watcher robots that must all die at the same time(ish) or they’ll sound an alarm. When this happens, you’ll have to fight some Cabal and do the room over again. You may have to break up your Fireteam and position them behind the various doors around the room to be able to hit all the robots without alerting any of them. Just keep an eye on their red line-of-sight light, talk to your Fireteam, and use the structures and obstructions to avoid their gaze until it’s time to spring your trap.

When you destroy all four Watchers, a door will open in the far left corner of the room from where you first came in. The chest will be inside. You’ll need the Transfer Key to open it.


This next part is hard to describe with words, so you can skip to 2:30 in the video above if you’re having trouble following along.

Put your back to the Transfer Key chest door and head toward the door at your 10 o’clock (northwest-ish) — it’s to the left of those two large pillars you see ahead of you. Keep heading in the same direction toward the red-lighted, closed door ahead of you. There’ll be an open door on your right that you can go through when you get there.

Follow the hallway until it turns left and you have to crouch. Continue through the crawlspace as it climbs up. When it opens into a room, stand up and go through the door on your left.

There’s a T-intersection at the end of the hall with a door on the left and the right. These doors lead to another Watcher-defended room. It’ll take a few tries to figure out their patterns and where you need to position your fireteam to take them all out at once — you’ll notice in the video above, we didn’t do that. The chest will be behind a fancy door on the right wall from where you entered. You’ll need the Armory Key to open this one.


Head back to the Transfer Key chest through the crawlspace and hallway. Again, put your back to the chest. This time, turn right before those two big pillars, then jump up onto the catwalk above you.

Turn left and head into another large hallway. Take the first right, and go up the ramp. You’ll pass through something that looks like a control room — there’s nothing to do here, it’s just a landmark. Pass through the control room and down the ramp on the other side. Turn left at the bottom of the ramp. When you hit the intersection ahead of you, look up and a little to the right to find a hallway. Jump up into it to find the chest. You’ll need the Aqueduct Key for this one.


Turn around and drop back down to the ground, and head straight — back the way you came. Take the first left (not the glowing, rotating frustration-tube, the next one). Follow this hallway to the end and drop through the glowing hole in the floor. Follow the next hallway you land in all the way to the end where it will turn to the left. Keep following it left as it loops around to point back the way you came.

Keep going past the huge, golden engine-things until you come to another glowing floor-hole. Drop through this one, too. At the bottom, jump back up one level to the door with a switch.

This is another Watcher room. Kill all four at mostly the same time and the chest will appear on the left side of the room from where you entered. This one needs the Engine Key.


Head back out the way you came and drop down to the fan on the floor. There’s a huge hallway with giant fans that you can follow. The fans will push you around some, but there are period switches that will turn them off. Leapfrog your fireteam along until you hit a large circular area on the floor. Turn to your left and jump up to the hallway above you. The chest is right inside. You’ll need the Ventilator Key for this one.


Back out in the fan tunnel, turn left to keep heading the way you’ve been going. Keep leapfrogging and turning of the fans as you go. All the way at the end, you’ll find another switch that controls a vertical fan. Turn this on and ride it to the top.

You’re looking for the hallway with three blue lights over it — it’s the one directly opposite of the switch, so if you don’t move the camera around too much, it should be right ahead of you. Turn left with the hallway and drop through the red glowing hole in the floor.

It’s a long drop, so be careful. At the bottom, you’ll find another switch, another door and more Watchers. Enjoy. The chest will be on the same wall as the door you came through, off to the right side. The Pipeline Key will get you to the goodies inside.


Head to the far left side of the Pipeline room, and look for a glowing fan/lift. Ride this up to the catwalk far above you. Follow the catwalk around to the right until you see a red glow in a large pipe. Go into the pipe and follow it until it empties you into a walkway surrounded by smaller pipes. Turn to the left and follow this path until you can take another left down a ramp.

At the bottom of the ramp, you come to a large room. Drop through the hole in the floor straight ahead of you. Jump back up one level to find, you guessed it, another switch/door/Watchers room. The chest is behind a door on the far left. You’ve figured out the patten by now, right? Drain Key.


Put your back to the Drain chest door and head up the ramp. Take the right and follow that hallway as it turns to the left to go back the way you came.

Climb up the ledges all the way back up to the top. Go back up the ramp and turn right into the pipe-lined tunnel to retrace your steps. When you get back to the large room, turn left and follow the catwalks to the far left corner of the room. Head through the door and follow the hall to the right and up the ramp.

Turn left at the top of the ramp, but do not drop through the hole in the floor. Instead, turn left again at the hole, and go through the door there. Follow this narrow hall to the right, then drop through the hole you find at the end.

Go straight across the purple goo-filled room that leads you up to Calus — there’s another hallway on the far side. Follow this hallway all the way to the end. Jump up on the right side and then jump up into the hallway above and ahead of you.

You’ll have to do some more pipe-and-platform-hopping to avoid dying in the fog below you. At the end of this passage, there’s an exit on the left side. Follow the path to the left and up the ramp. The hall will take another couple turns and bring you to a door. Open it with the switch and drop through the hole in the floor on the other side.

It’s another long drop, so be prepared. You’ll drop into a room where you can find the chest with no fuss whatsoever. Just kidding! It’s another Watcher room. Head past the Watchers (and fight off any Cabal they call) to find another set of doors that’ll let you regroup and strategize. The chest will be on the left side in the side hallway with no Watchers in it. After all that work, you’ll still need the Conduit Key.


With the Conduit chest at your back, turn left and go through the doors you used to stage your attack. Continue past them until you come to a room with a bunch of vertical pipes and a lit up blue rectangle above you on the left. Jump onto the pipes, then onto the catwalk above that rectangle. Crawl along the pipes — crouching makes this infinitely easier — to get to the exit directly across from you.

Drop into the hallway on the far side, then follow it to the right to find the chest. Something something Irrigation Key.

The next level of puzzles.

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