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Destiny 2 Prestige Leviathan raid guide: The Gauntlet

Make sure everyone stretches this time

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

The Gauntlet is Calus’ ultimate athletic challenge. In the normal version of the fight, you need to run the track until you get enough charges to fill the elevator. The Prestige mode requires everyone to run, shoot and punch. If you aren’t sure how this fight normally works, we’ve got you covered in our non-Prestige guide to the Gauntlet.

Here’s how to overcome the Prestige version’s new challenges.

Safety dome


The Prestige version of the raid offers up far more difficult enemies. This really comes into play in the opening section of the Gauntlet. Instead of hanging out by your plate, the entire Fireteam should bunch together in the elevator dome. From the four doorways, everyone should have a shot at the monster closets that spawn the Cabal. Shoot them as you see them and take cover whenever necessary.

When the Centurions come out, rush them with all you have. Use your Supers, your Power ammo and your Energy weapons to bring them down quickly. If you leave a Centurion alive for the next section, he will almost certainly kill your team. Since they always have Solar shields, it’s worth swapping your Energy and Power weapon’s mods to Solar.

A new method


In the normal version of the Gauntlet, shooters are assigned a plate and stay there for the entire fight. For the Prestige version, we will be breaking up into teams of three one the waves of adds have been defeated.

Break your team out into runner, puncher and shooter.

  • The runner will grab the charge and run the Gauntlet.
  • The puncher and shooter will stay together at all times, rotating around the arena with their runner.
  • One player, the puncher, will stay on the ground shooting triangles and punching Psions.
  • The shooter will jump from plate to plate dealing with the Psionic reflections.

When the runner calls the triangles, the shooter and puncher will work together as usual.

  • While the puncher does their thing, the shooter should immediately run to the new plate on their right.
  • Once the shooter is on, they should turn back toward the plate they just left and destroy the spawned Reflection. The Reflections usually hang out in the air above the Psion, on the columns, above the fire pits or on the plate itself.

Once all three jobs have made it through a single triangle shot, everyone will rotate together to the right. Repeat this process until the runner is proven worthy.

Proven Worthy


One of the fun new mechanics in the Prestige mode Gauntlet is the “Proven Worthy” debuff. Once a runner has successfully run through the Gauntlet, they will be marked as “Proven Worthy,” meaning that they can no longer run. When it comes time to reenter the Gauntlet, either your puncher or shooter will have to enter instead.

This new process leaves the runner with a new job as well: replacing whoever is now inside. This fight now requires quite a bit of planning. The first thing your group should do is determine who is the weakest runner in each group. The weak runner should go first, before Calus spawns the pits. The rest of the roles can be dished out before the pull if you have a great memory or called as it happens.

The two players from each team remaining in the arena should determine if they are punching or shooting and if they are responsible for the top or bottom triangle. Once the roles are called, you will do your job like normal. Once the fight starts over again, runner two will go in and runner one will be assigned as puncher or shooter.

This section requires extreme coordination. Be flexible as a team and you should learn the flow in no time.

The final run, part 2


During the final race, where all six members are on the track at the same time, Calus only offers up three charges per gate instead of four. That’s the only change to this section. Pick your three strongest runners and have them skip charge one, three and the finish line charge (these runners need to jump over the finish line). The weakest runners will skip charges two and four.

Once you have slammed nine charges into the elevator, the Prestige Gauntlet will finally end.

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