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Destiny 2 Prestige Leviathan raid guide: Pleasure Gardens

Just like the last time but with even more dogs.

Calus’ precious pets live in the Pleasure Gardens of the great Leviathan. It’s your Fireteam’s job to enter the gardens and eliminate all of the beasts within. The Prestige version of this fight will pit you against eight dogs rather than the traditional six. If you aren’t sure how the normal, six dog encounter works, we’ve got you covered in our non-Prestige Pleasure Gardens guide.

Here’s how to overcome the Prestige version’s new challenges.



The only real change in this fight is the number of dogs. Instead of avoiding the gaze of six patrolling hounds, you must stealth past eight. This sounds more hectic than it actually is. Eight dogs in total means that each original dog patrols a smaller area. If you are used to knowing your route and getting 60-plus stacks of Empowering Spores, you may need to set your expectations a little lower.

The new routes are more punishing than before. Spore running players are no longer free to run from one side to the other using nothing but their radar. Instead, the ground players must communicate with their crystal bearers to set a hound-free route. If you’re patient, this process is very simple. Slow the fight down drastically and take your time. It’s unlikely that you will kill the hounds in one round on Prestige. However, if you get at least 24 stacks every time, you should have no problem taking down the hounds in the four rounds you’re given.

The seventh and eight hound


In the normal version of this encounter, each player is assigned a hound that they must kill. Now that there are eight hounds and only six players, this can get a little more complicated. When the damage phase starts, send each player to their dog as normal. The new dogs, howling at Plates on the left side and Cave on the right, will go unmanned for the first few phases.

Usually, one or two players will get their dog’s health down to low faster than the others. If this happens, the high damage player should rotate to the new dog and start dealing some damage. Once each player’s hound is low enough, all three members on each side should kill their hound. Once their hound is dead, each player should run to the new dog on their side and damage it together.

As long as all three players are helping to kill the dog and you have at least 24 stacks, the seventh and eight dog should fall in no time. Once all eight dogs are dead, Calus will declare you his victors.

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