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Destiny 2 guide: Cayde-6 EDZ chest locations, Oct. 3-9

New in this week: Tunnels!

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Each week, Cayde-6 will sell you treasure maps for the Flashpoint location. From Oct. 3-9, Cayde-6’s chests are located in the EDZ.

After the weekly reset, run down to the hanger and meet with Cayde-6. Each map will cost you 4,800 glimmer and will appear in your inventory after you purchase it. If you look at the planet in question, you’ll see several spade icons all over the area. Those are the chests.

It’s worth noting that you only want to get two or three chests at once. Getting all five in a row can result in no loot in the final two. Grab three, do something else and come back in about 10 minutes. Time to go exploring, Guardian.

Trostland chest locations

Chest 1

“You know, I used to think if it’s marked a dead one, it’s kind of my place. Vanguard cured me of that, but I left plenty behind there back in the day. Third-floor balcony, above the alley. Loved that spot … Hope the Fallen haven’t got to it.” — Cayde-6

When you first drop into Trostland, hop on your Sparrow and take a left down the winding road. Go down the hill and stop before you make a left turn. Take a look down the alley to your left and look for the third floor balcony that Cayde-6 mentions. There you will find the welcoming glow of a chest. Jump up to claim your treasure.

Chest 2

“This place is full of old containers. Don’t bother raiding them all — I already did. They’re all filled with shoes. Mountains of Golden Age footwear, and not a thing in my size.” — Cayde-6

After landing in Trostland, run to the back of the old church and into the tunnel. Take a right into the building and head up the hill. Make your way through another hole in yet another wall and look up to the second floor. Cayde-6’s chest will be sitting just on the edge of the platform.

Chest 3

“So once you get up there, don’t be afraid to strut it on the catwalk. We both know the importance of looking good.” — Cayde-6

This is one of the more difficult Cayde-6 chests to find. Land in Trostland, move through the tunnel in the back and follow the path until you reach the Salt Mines. Fight through the Fallen here and into the mine.

Take a right from where the elevator broke all the way back in the Combustion mission. Fight through this room until you reach the very back. Look to your right and walk through the door. Before jumping down, look up into the rafters and you will see the blue glow of Cayde-6’s chest. Jump up there and grab your loot.

Winding Cove chest location

Chest 4

“So after a full day of pulling loot out of the Fallen’s hands, I thought I would just cool my engines down by that old river, but as soon as I cached it all up down there, a Servitor shows up.” — Cayde-6

This chest is actually just sitting out in the open. Travel to the Winding Cove, hop on your Sparrow and drive left along the coast. Look out for a rock formation and a blue glow. Soon enough, you will run right into it. Jump off your bike and get some gear.

Sunken Isle chest location

Chest 5

“New lead from Hawthorne. Not really much to go on, something about a fan. I know I must have a lot of them, so if you see one down in the EDZ, maybe ask them? — Cayde-6

The path to the Sunken Isle chest is long. Land in the Sunken Isle and immediately take a left. Make your way into the tunnel and hop on your Sparrow. Follow the path here until you reach the first cavern (the one with two bridges). Take the left bridge and look at the left wall. Here you will see the fans that Cayde-6 was talking about as well as his chest. Jump across the rocks and under the fan to loot your final treasure this week.

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