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Destiny 2 Leviathan, Eater of Worlds raid lair guide: Destroying Argos’ shell

Vex Craniums and mines

After falling through the shattered pieces of Nessus, platform your way across some asteroids. You and your fireteam will find yourselves standing in a giant arena. In the center of this arena is Argos, Planetary Core, the final boss of this raid lair. But before we can take down the boss, we must awaken it from its slumber and remove the shell surrounding it.

Before we get started, let’s talk about the arena, as you will be spending the next two fights here.

The arena

The arena for this boss fight and the next is broken up into three sections. If you look at this space from the top down, you have the Void platform to the south, the Arc platform to the northeast and the Solar platform to the northwest. Between these platforms is a great deal of floating debris that your fireteam can use to cross the map. In the center of all of these platforms is the boss.

Each of the three platforms has a particular element associated with it as we previously mentioned. This is due to the furnace located in the center of each platform. Each furnace section has three slots for cooking. What are you cooking exactly? Vex Craniums of course.

In the debris field between the platforms, Vex Craniums will spawn (two per field). Players can pick these up and carry them around. You can then place the Vex Craniums in a furnace to cook them, which imbues them with a specific element. After about 20 seconds, the Cranium will pop out of the furnace like toast from a toaster, allowing you to pick it up and shoot a laser beam of the imbued element out of the head.

Mine sweeping

Now that we have an idea of what the arena looks like and how to cook Craniums, it’s time we learned how to take down this boss.

Once you pick up your first Cranium, Argos will begin spawning mines on one of the six pieces of shell that surround him. Mines come three at a time and have a particular element associated with them. You will need to take a Cranium, cook it in a specific element and shoot it at the corresponding mine.Once all of the mines on a specific piece of shell have been destroyed, that shell will dissolve.

As the encounter continues, Argos will keep spawning mines on the rest of his shell. This will progress clockwise from the first spawn location. If any individual mine stays up for too long, it will explode, wiping the entire fireteam. Once you’ve cleared all 18 mines, you’ll reveal the boss and get some sweet loot.

The strategy

Defusing the mines is a little easier said than done. The heads only have 40 ammo and it takes a little under 25 to destroy a mine. Even worse, Argos will keep spawning mines, whether or not you’ve destroyed the previous shell. This can cause a lot of communication errors. To make this fight a little more simple, we’re going to split our fireteam up into two rolls: Shooters and Bodyguards.



The goal of a Bodyguard is to protect each furnace and clear out the surrounding Vex. Like a Bodyguard in real life, you will also need to keep your eyes peeled for mines. When you spot one, inform the rest of your team where they’re located and what element they are.

The three Bodyguard players will all split up, each taking position at one of the three furnaces. Once in position, all you need to do is kill stuff. But, if Argos has spawned mines in your line of sight, you will need to call out where they are (Void, Arc or Solar side) and what element they are.

For example, if you are the Solar bodyguard and Argos spawns mines on one of the two Solar facing shell sides, you would call out “two Arcs and one Void to Solar side” (or whatever elements are present). This will help your Shooters know what to do and where to go.

If your team is falling behind and you are absolutely sure that you’re being helpful, you could venture out, collect a Cranium and begin cooking it for your Shooter’s next return. Only do this if asked or if you know that your shooter will need another Cranium in your element soon. Keep in mind that a Minotaur spawns every time you begin cooking a new Cranium.



Don’t tell the Bodyguards, but this is the important job. When the fight starts, grab a Cranium and wait until your Bodyguards call out the elements needed. You will now need to coordinate with your fellow shooters. If the Bodyguard calls “one Arc, one Solar and one Void on Arc side,” you will need to figure out who is doing what. Call an element, make sure the others are covered and begin cooking your Cranium at your assigned furnace.

You will find yourself hanging out with that furnace’s Bodyguard and any other Shooters who happen to be cooking in the same location. For the next 20 seconds or so, help your allies clear out the Vex in the area. Once your Cranium is done cooking, pick it up and move to the oldest mine of your assigned element. (Remember it goes clockwise after the first section). If you need help identifying the oldest one, note that the longer a mine stays out, the more it seems to pulse and surge, signifying that it will soon explode.

Once you have arrived at your mine defusal location, blast it with the beam until it explodes. As long as you didn’t miss, you should have about 15-17 ammo left. This doesn’t have to go to waste. Assuming that there are other mines currently up on the clockwise shell from the one you just diffused, check and see if a mine of your element is present. If yes, blast it with your remaining energy, making next time easier. If no, use your remaining energy to take down some nearby Vex.

Have your entire fireteam repeat this process until you’ve defused 18 mines. Congratulations, you just unlocked the privilege to fight the boss for real.

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