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Destiny 2 Leviathan, Eater of Worlds raid lair guide: Argos, Planetary Core

Time for some house cleaning for Calus

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Now that you have de-shelled Argos, it’s time to take him out entirely. Since you’ve already mastered the play space from the last encounter, wrapping your head around this new one isn’t too tough. Emperor Calus took a great deal of understanding and several step-by-step processes. Argos is different and far more about execution than understanding.

Removing the shield


While the hard shell may be gone, Argos is still surrounded in a impenetrable Vex shield. To remove it, you’ll need more Vex Craniums.

When Argos first awakens, you’ll find three balls floating above and to either side of a white lock. The white lock will tell you which side you need to shoot from, while the balls tell you which element you need.

Every player should be looking to try and determine which platform you need to convene at and which Craniums you need to cook. Similar to removing the shell, the callouts will sound something like “Void platform, two Arc and one Solar.”

Split your squad up into three groups this time instead of two. Pair a Shooter from shell removal with a Bodyguard and place them on a given element. Each team will collect the two Vex Craniums that spawn to the right of their forge when the fight starts.

Have the Shooter begin cooking theirs in the given element, but have the Bodyguard hold on until someone makes the elemental call. There is a small chance that you will need three of the same element, so one bodyguard must always be sure to hold their Vex Cranium until they know all the elements. As long as three of the same element aren’t needed, have the Bodyguards begin cooking their Craniums in their forge as well.

If done correctly (and barring any three element anomalies), each elemental forge should have two Vex Craniums cooking. While the cook is on, Vex will begin pouring out of each platform, attempting to kill each team. Deal with them using your Supers and Void Energy weapons. The platform where the players are planning to convene (which is also where Argos is facing) will have tons of Harpies to deal with in addition to their other Vex.

Once all of the Vex Craniums are done cooking, pick them up and travel to the designated shooter platform. Here, the players with the Craniums that correspond to a given energy ball will call out which ones they’re taking. Players will then need to shoot a laser beam at their given energy ball.

When struck by the correct element, the ball will skate along the outside of the shield until it reaches the center lock. Be sure to follow the energy ball you are shooting as it moves and keep firing. Once all three balls have hit the lock, the shield will break.

Now it’s time for DPS.

Damaging Argos

Once the shield is down, have your players who just fired the laser beams dump the rest of their ammo into Argos’ eye. Have the other players, who should all be holding Vex Craniums of their own, dump all of their ammo into the eye as well. The Craniums do tremendous damage to Argos, so maximizing your Vex Cranium usage is absolutely key to taking down this boss.

Once everyone is out of Vex brain juice, start shooting the boss in the eye.Use the same kind of guns here that are great for Calus. Sweet Business is incredible in this fight. Coldheart also does very well. For your Heavy, take Sins of the Past or any other rocket launcher with Cluster Bombs.

This wouldn’t be a Destiny raid boss if you could just DPS in peace though would it? While killing Argos, the boss will fire missiles at you. You can shoot these while he is prepping them, so keep an eye out for little glowing lights next to the boss.

Argos can also shoot a net at you, which is extremely annoying. if this net hits you or any other player, it will encase them in light and pick them up, carrying them into the abyss. You can shoot and break these cages to free your allies. To avoid the nets, place your body behind walls whenever possible. Since the net can also pick up multiple players at once, spreading out is best for this fight.

After a short period of time, Argos will close his shield back up. Clean up the adds and grab some ammo. Argos is about to try his wipe mechanic.

Stopping Argos from wiping your team

After a few moments of peace, Argos will lower his shield once again and begin collecting Void energy. While it may be tempting to use this moment to DPS the boss, you have better things to do.

When the shield lowers, Argos will spawn platforms all around him at varying heights. While he is collecting energy — the kind he intends to kill you with — he will expose six weak points on his body. There are two weak points on his head, two on his back and two on his hands.

Split your team into groups of three for this section and go for both weak points in a single location. Start with his head since it can be annoying to get to. Have each team stand on opposite sides of the boss and climb to the highest platform. Once they’re in range of the crit spot (it glows bright white), have each team lay into the boss until their spot pops. Sweet Business shreds these.

Once you’ve popped two weak points, Argos will break down for a moment and lose the energy. In this brief moment, you can add some extra damage to him if he happens to be facing you. (For whatever reason, Argos always seems to look toward Arc during this section of the fight).

You will now start the fight over again. Collect Vex Craniums, lower the shield, DPS the boss and break another two weak points. This means that you have four total rounds to DPS the boss. Otherwise, you will not be able to stop him before he kills all of you.

The final thing worth mentioning in this fight is that Argos will enrage if you fight him for too long. This does not mean that you can’t kill him anymore. It means that he will begin the process of wiping you instantly. This gives you a very brief window to take him out before you have to start all over again.

Once you are victorious, Calus will transport you back to his loot chamber from the original Leviathan raid. Although … something seems to be missing in here … we must have run that last raid more than we thought!

Congratulations Guardian, you’ve just defeated the planetary core of Nessus.

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