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Destiny 2 guide: Guided Games

A new way to join raids

In the opening of the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal event, game director Luke Smith said that 50 percent of players completed a raid in Destiny, which he described as "almost a miracle." According to Smith, making all content available to all players is a core philosophy in developing Destiny 2. This is where the new Guided Games system comes into play.

Rather than allowing matchmaking outright, like you can with strikes and the Crucible, developers are creating Destiny 2’s Guided Games. This system requires two different types of participants: clans and solo players.

Players in clans who are unable to fill their raid roster of six people will be able to open their game to solo players. Similarly, solo players looking to complete a raid can apply to clans that have opened themselves up to Guided Games. This process will help both parties and connect players of all different types together in Destiny 2.

Developers said that work has gone in to prevent toxicity between the clan and the solo player, although the specifics are not yet clear. Either way, this system will allow players haven’t joined a clan to complete some of Destiny 2’s most challenging content.

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