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Destiny 2 guide: using your supers

Versatility is the key

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

With the Destiny 2 beta out, players have gotten their hands on the new super abilities in the game. With the six available classes, players will be able to burn, smash and shoot their way through enemies with powerful abilities. But some are more confusing to use than others.

Here is how to use your special in Destiny 2.

Sentinel Shield - Sentinel Titan

Activate your Sentinel Shield with a quick tap of the shoulder buttons. Once it is out, you can press the right trigger or the right shoulder to attack, while pressing the left trigger blocks incoming damage. Tapping the left shoulder button will throw your shield, causing it to ricochet of enemies.

To summon the more traditional Titan bubble, Ward of Dawn, you must be in the Code of the Protector specialization. Instead of taping the shoulder buttons, hold them down to create a purple bubble to shield yourself and allies from all incoming damage.

Fists of Havoc - Striker Titan

Activating Fists of Havoc causes you to slam into the earth with a lightning-infused explosion. After the initial hit, you can run around punching with the right shoulder or do another slam with the right trigger.

Daybreak - Dawnblade Warlock

Activating Daybreak causes you to float around the map and allows you to stay in the air for an extended period of time. Using the right trigger will cause you to hurl fire through the air with the use of your flaming blade.

Nova Bomb - Voidwalker Warlock

Activating Nova Bomb will cause you to throw a massive ball of energy at a target. Once it impacts, it will explode, doing massive damage to all enemies in the area. With the Attunement of Chaos specialization, Nova Bomb gains the Cataclysm affect, causing it to travel slowly, seek enemies and create smaller missiles once it explodes. Shooting a Cataclysmic Nova Bomb with your weapon will cause it to detonate early.

Golden Gun - Gunslinger Hunter

Activating Golden Gun will equip a powerful hand cannon as your primary weapon. For a short period of time and a limited amount of shots, you will be able to rocket fire toward your enemies. With the Way of the Outlaw specialization selected, Golden Gun will gain the Six-Shooter perk. With Six-Shooter, the Hunter can fire six shots very quickly by fanning the trigger.

Arc Staff - Arcstrider Hunter

Activating Arc Staff will cause you to create a weapon of pure lightning. Using the right shoulder and right trigger, you can alternate between light and heavy attacks respectively. Using the right trigger while in mid air will cause you to plummet to the ground, creating and explosion of arc damage. With the Way of the Warrior specialization selected, the Lethal Current perk will be activated. This perk causes all attacks after dodging to radiate lightning out of the staff, creating an aftershock.

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