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Destiny 2 guide: Midtown map

A Countdown state of mind.

In the Destiny 2 beta, players can try out the Competitive multiplayer playlist. This offers everyone a chance to play the new Countdown mode on the new Midtown map, a beautiful marketplace.

Midtown takes place in the European Dead Zone, one of Destiny 2’s four new areas. The map is a gorgeous city street with neon signs and market stalls all over the place. Instead of leisurely shopping the city streets, players must instead assault or defend one of two points.

The two bomb points on Midtown are Market and Rugs. From the attackers’ perspective, Rugs is to the right side of the map, through some back alleys and small shops. The point itself is, you guessed it, in a rug shop. Market is to the attackers’ left and is essentially just one long street ending in a small square. The bomb point is located behind a few trucks.

For the defenders, the sides are switched. On defense, players will have doorways and stalls to hide behind and peek out from. The attackers are a little more exposed, as they have a longer run between their spawn and the point. Attackers have some windows to shoot through and archways to hide behind.

Fight your way through the streets and watch your flank.

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