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Destiny 2 guide: Countdown game mode

Planing bombs

The Countdown game mode is one of Destiny 2’s most anticipated new features. It is one of the few features playable in the Destiny 2 beta, allowing players to experience the new gameplay on the new Midtown map.

In Countdown:

  • Players alternate sides between attack and defense.
  • Attackers must advance on one of two points and plant a bomb. Once planted, the bomb will explode after a timer ticks down.
  • If the attackers detonate the bomb or kill all the defenders, they win.
  • The defenders must protect both points from being detonated.
  • If they kill all attackers or defuse the bomb, they win the round.
  • The first team to six rounds wins.

The kicker of Countdown is that each player only has one life. However, after a short timer ticks down, players can revive their fallen allies. At least in the Destiny 2 beta, it was rare for a game to end in a detonation, as most matches finish when one side eliminates the other.

Communication is key in Countdown. Attackers must move as a unit, sending all four to one point, swarming the enemy. Fancier strats, like sending three to distract at one point while one player solo plants another, is doable, but requires practice. Defenders should also chat, letting teammates to know where the enemies are at. Defenders must divide and conquer, always being ready to regroup once the battle truly begins.

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