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Destiny 2 guide: The Farm social space

Like the Tower … but with chickens

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

After the Homecoming mission, you will find yourself in your new, far less beautiful home: the Farm. The space is littered with vendors and refugees, all there to help you on your journey. This new space is fairly open and straightforward, but there are a lot of areas spread out over a pretty small space, so here is a quick look of what each location can offer you.

The landing pad and the dock


When you first start out on the Farm, you will be dropped off on the landing pad. To your right is the woods, and to your left is a dock with a fire pit.

Interestingly, the dock area houses several boxes with the Dead Orbit logo on them, one of Destiny’s three factions. In the earlier parts of the game, there isn’t much to concern yourself with here.

The hangar

Going right after entering the social space will bring you to the hangar. Full of ships and three stories high, there is a large Vanguard flag hanging outside.

Inside the hanger is where you will find the infamous Crucible announcer Lord Shaxx, as well as the Crucible Vendor. The vendor will sell you items and goodies while Lord Shaxx is your reputation man for all things Crucible.

Up the stairs in the hanger you will find Hawthorne and Louise, the lady/bird duo who oversee the Farm. Hawthorne will act as the Farm vendor while Louise will sit on his post staring at you while you make purchases.

The courtyard

In the center of the Farm is a beaten down fountain surrounded by buildings and a tent. The tent has a bunch of Eververse logos on it, so it is no surprise that this is where you will find the queen of micro-transactions, Tess Everis. There are also several vault kiosks, which allow you to store your items. Finally, on the porch of the mill, there is a large area dedicated to the Cryptarch, which is where Destiny 2’s item-identifying NPC Tyra Karn lives.

The farmhouse

Across from the hangar and next to the courtyard, there is a large farmhouse. Inside are many offices (or at least spaces filled with glowing computers). Other than that, there isn’t much going on inside (at least at the moment), but our favorite post-robot has a delightful little booth just outside. If you miss any items on your adventures, he will have them ready for you.

The rooftops

By running around to the water wheel on the non-Cryptarch side of the mill, Destiny 2 players can jump up a rock, into the wheel and onto the roof. From here, you can cross a large wire over to the farmhouse. There are stations and computers and things all over the roof.

Moving on, you can do a precise jump to land on a similar cable running from the farmhouse to the hangar. The roof of the hangar is similar to the farmhouse.

The soccer field

The soccer field is on the northernmost part of the Farm social space. When nobody is playing, a ball will just sit on the field, waiting to be kicked. Once the first person scores, the ball will reset in the middle of the field, giving players an equal shot at each goal. The first side to score three points causes the goalposts to erupt in fireworks, alerting the entire space to their victory.

The next level of puzzles.

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