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Destiny 2 Clans guide

What Clans are and why you’d want to join one

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Everything about Destiny 2 is better (and easier) with friends. From running through the campaign with a buddy to large-scale public events or an impromptu dance party at the Farm, acknowledging the social nature of the game just makes it more fun.

That’s where Clans come in. And the opportunity for some extra engrams sure doesn’t hurt. Let’s talk about what Clans are and why you’d want to join one.

What is a Clan?

Clans are a way for groups of players to band together. Up to 100 players can join together under a banner — you also get a banner — that unites them. This can be a shared philosophy or happenstance (or a funny name).

Some Clans are open, and anyone can join at any time. To join others, you’ll either need to request permission or be invited. (Clan founders and administers handle all of the behind-the-scenes stuff on Destiny 2’s official site or the Destiny app on Android and iOS.)


A quick note: The item, Clan Banner, that you pick up from Hawthorne once you join a Clan is not the same thing as your Clan’s banner — which is an image controlled by the Clan’s admins (again, on the site or in the Companion app).

What’s a Clan for?

Sure, it’s nice to just, you know, belong, but there are real benefits to being in a Clan beyond just a shiny new item.


Every member of a Clan contributes experience (up to a weekly limit) to the overall Clan Rank progress. As your Clan gains experience over time, your banner item you get for joining will start to give you perks like extra Glimmer and better drops. And every member of the Clan will get rewarded with extra engrams as members complete various milestones like competing in a certain number of Crucible matches or Strikes.

Guided Games

Clans in Destiny 2 introduce Guided Games. This is a way for Clans to come to the aid of those lone players who need a little help. This feature will let solo players browse through any Clans that are willing to play along and will help them through a tough stretch of game (or, guiding them along, as the name implies). Helping someone out in this way will keep your Clan’s Oathkeeper’s Score up.

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