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Destiny 2 guide: Combustion walkthrough

All things considered, Earth looks pretty good.

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Now that you have reclaimed your light and Hawthorne has directed you toward the EDZ, it is time to meet the charming Devrim Kay. Open the Director and fly down to Trostland. Once you land, run up to the giant church in front of you. Climb the makeshift stairs until they bring you to your new pal, the silver-haired Devrim.

Going on an Adventure

Devrim will take a break from sniping Fallen out of his window to ask you to complete a quick Adventure. Jump down into the church and accept the mission entitled “A New Frontier.” Turn around and follow your objective marker to the House of Judgement banner in the church. Scan it. Next, run out the right side of the building and grab the golden chest located on the second story of the structure across the street.

For the final part of this tutorial adventure, return to the church. Toward the front end of the building there will be a cave-like marking on the wall. Just in front of this marking will be a staircase leading down. Jump into the hole and follow the path. Fight your way through the fallen until you reach the large room with the Captain. Take him out using your Super or power weapons and loot the big orange chest on the raised platform.

After completing “A New Frontier,” you can make your way back to Devrim Kay by backtracking or fast traveling back to Trostland. Talk to Devrim and he will offer you a Comm Signal Booster. Time for the real mission to start. Buy some gear from him if you need it and jump down into the church. Follow the marker up to the Cabal flag and start the Combustion mission.

Into the mine

Once you have loaded into the mission, head forward and directly into the tunnel. Follow the path through the wreckage until you reach the Salt Mines area. Fight the Fallen that make an appearance here and make your way into the warehouse. Once you have cleared out all the enemies, call the elevator on the left side of the room. It is broken, of course, so make your way through the giant gate instead.

Continue into the mines by fighting wave after wave of Fallen. Head out the door to your right and make your way into the massive pit. While it may be filled with lush vegetation, this pit is also loaded with Shanks and other Fallen. Clear them all out to make the energy barriers disappear. Continue down the hole until you reach a room rigged with explosives.

While you could try to run through really fast (a plan that almost certainly ends in your death), the safest plan is to shoot the mines. Blowing up one mine will cause a chain reaction to occur, clearing out an entire area. Do this a couple times and the way will be clear of death. Follow the path until you reach a gigantic room in the mine.

Defending Ghost

After clearing out some Fallen, set Ghost up at the Elevator panel. While he works on getting you a way out of the mine and up to Hawthorne, waves and waves of enemies will begin poring into the room. Your main threat here are the few Servitors that spawn in the different alcoves of the room. Each glowing-eye robot will come with its own pack of Fallen to accompany them. Take each of the Servitors out to continue the quest.

Once the Servitors have been cleared out of the room, a bigger Servitor, Kiriks-16, will show up and try to cause trouble. This miniboss is not much of a problem to deal with. If you have your super, use it. If not, default to your Power weapon. Once Kiriks-16 is down, head back to the elevator and hop in. Some enemies will attempt to shoot you from the scaffolding on your way up, but the danger itself has mostly passed.

Once the elevator reaches its destination, you will walk out onto a beautiful Earth vista. Take a second to look at the beautiful sky-box that Bungie has created, then head left. Follow the path past the wrecked cars and you will eventually find Hawthorne. She will plug in the Comm Signal Booster and receive a rendezvous message from Commander Zavala himself. Time to jump in your ship and fly to Titan.