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Destiny 2 guide: How to increase your Ghost’s range to find loot chests and other resources

Get around your Ghost’s limited range


Certain Ghost shells in Destiny 2 will let your Ghost identify nearby items like loot crates or planetary resources. But they usually have a limited range — 30 meters or so. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could somehow trick your Ghost into looking way farther than that?

You can (otherwise, this would be a terrible guide)! Here’s how.

Ghost shells


Ghost shells are more than just cosmetic. Some, like the EDZ Shell above, will detect nearby items and flag them on your HUD. The problem, especially when you’re seeking out rare or hard-to-find items, is the limited range.

Scopes and sniper rifles


The way around this is to use a weapon with a really good scope. Sniper rifles are best for this, but you can get a decent range with a scout or pulse rifle. (For Legendary weapons, check the mods and perks to see if you can increase the range that way.)

With a scoped weapon equipped, aim through the scope. Your Ghost will flag nearby items as though you were standing at the end of the scope’s zoom, boosting its range considerably.

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