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Destiny 2 guide: Hope walkthrough

Watch your step, Guardian

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

After getting Commander Zavala’s rendezvous message in the last mission, Combustion, it is time to meet back up with the head of the Vanguard. Travel to Titan and begin the Hope mission.

Meeting the Hive

Once you land on Titan, the state of the planet will immediately stick out. The sea is restless, and the rigs built upon it are far from sturdy. Jump forward and watch out for falling boxes. Make your way across the rigs until you reach the giant red struts. Jump across the scaffolding until you reach the second leg. Walk around and shoot the cloth blocking the door. Climb up the leg and repeat the process.

Up on the second floor, jump into the rig called Kemphaan. It is here that you will first encounter the Hive. Run through the path and inch your way forward until the Thralls start to spawn. Take them out with any fast firing weapon and head out the door on your right. Make your way through the belly of the rig, killing Thrall as you go.

Eventually you will bust out of the side and onto some rigging. Climb the platforms and make your way back inside. Run through this floor, taking out the Hive Acolytes as they show up. At the end of the path, jump through the massive fan and down onto the red platform.

It should come to no surprise that this open area is filled to the brim with swarming Hive. Continue to fell the Acolytes one by one until you reach the stairs. Here you will be greeted with a whole pack of Thralls. Use an explosive of some kind or a lot of headshots to take them out quickly. Follow the stairs up until you reach Bay 3.

You are about to meet your first Hive Knight, as a group of Thrall are summoning him. Take him out with headshots and walk behind him once he lifts his shield. Continue through Bay 3 and out the door to the right of the glass. Run through the small tunnel and be careful to avoid the pit about halfway through.

Clearing out Siren’s Watch

Once you have reached Siren’s Watch, grab one of the grenade launchers from the table, you are going to need it. Head forward into the large area in front of you, killing Hive as you go. Turn right when you can and you will encounter a larger wave of enemies than usual pouring out of a doorway. Congratulations, you have found the Hive breeding room.

Walk in and shoot the egg sacks as much as you can while still fending off the horde. Once you have killed all the eggs, jump onto the second floor and head through the door on the left. Follow the path until you see a helicopter landing pad. Run up the left and onto the square rig and prepare for a fight. For the first time in this mission, you will be dealing with mostly Acolytes and Knights, rather than waves and waves of Thrall. Defend the platform and kill all of the enemies.

Once the area is secure, hack your way into the door. Walk into Siren’s Watch and turn left. Exit through the door, turn right and the mission will end.