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Destiny 2 guide: Utopia walkthrough

Beauty in disrepair.

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Once you are back at Siren’s Watch, Sloane will kindly offer you an Exotic piece of armor for your class. Read the perks and decide which one seems the most fun to you. All of them are the same power level, and each will become obsolete by the time you reach the endgame. Once you have equipped your new armor, make your way to the Rig and accept the next mission in the Red War campaign, Utopia.

Making your way to the CPU

Jump out and onto the long, broken bridge, then make your way across and take a left. Jump up the rusted stairs and onto the rigging before clearing out the fallen and their big, bad Servitor. Once your enemies are dead, walk over to the solar panel and punch out the glowing section. You will now be in a large, beautiful courtyard.

Stick to the right side of the area and head through the three open doors. Make your way through the halls of the academy until you reach a great glowing door with a blue panel next to it. Let Ghost hack through the panel and head through the now open door.

Jump down into the water and begin killing all the hive that start spawning. Take out the Thrall and the Acolytes, as well as their Knight bodyguards. Once all the Hive have been dealt with, climb up the stairs to your left and head through the door. Jump into the glowing pit and run through the dark, Festering Halls.

A knight will spawn at the opening of the doorway on your left. Kill him and then walk into the room that he was previously guarding. Here you will encounter your first Shrieker, a giant, purple turret of death and destruction. Stand to the side of the room behind the pillar or doorway and shoot at its insides, being careful not to get melted. Once it dies, keep pressing forward.

Jump down and to the right and clear out the small battlefield full of hive. Once they are gone, head through the archways and jump down yet again. Walk up to the pit to make a massive Hive Ogre to spawn. Kill him by shooting the glowing area on the front of his face. Once he is gone, jump down the pit that spawned him and land on the scaffolding.

Head through the door, down the hallway and jump yet again. If you miss the scaffolding this time, you fall to your death, so be careful. Go down another hall and make yet another jump. In order to escape death this time, you will need to turn mid air and jump or hover your way backwards in order to reach the platform. Once you have landed safely, go through the door and into the Hive-infested hall.

Run through the hall, shoot the cloth (or skin ...) and slide down the slanted area. Take a right and punch out the vents blocking your way. Turn left and run down what appears to be a ventilation hallway, clearing out any lost Hive along the way. At the end of the hall, take two rights and jump into the deep, dark pit. Clear out all the Hive down here and head through the crusty doorway. This area is very dark, lit only by the panel lighting and the hive crystals that mark the aforementioned doorway, but it is still fairly easy to get lost. Walk toward the orange light and you will be OK.

Once you are through the door, cut another skin-cloth and move through the pipes. At the end of the pipes, drop down and into another ventilation shaft. Move forward some more until you reach the final pit. Jump down and you will land on what looks like a small airplane wing.

Escape the academy

Once you have landed, it is time to grab the CPU and get out. Jump over to the ledge and pick up your objective, cradling it in your arms. Now that you have the CPU, a lot of things will want to kill you. Run through the giant, plastic door and up the stairs. You will find yourself in the Festering Halls hanger. There are three, weird-looking bulldozer-tanks sitting there and doing nothing, so carry the CPU with you and enter the vehicle.

The CPU will now disappear (don’t worry, it is still with you) and you will be in control of the tank. Use the left stick to accelerate and the right stick to steer. Take the tank and plow through the wall of gunk in front of you.

This next section is a little tedious but straightforward. Use your tank to follow the path, smashing through any Hive enemies or barriers that get in your way. You should have no problems getting through, although you must keep moving. If you stop to take in the scenery, your tank will explode from the damage you’ll take. At the end of the tunnel, a long bridge will be before you. Take your tank and ride across the bridge, making your way toward the drop ship waiting to extract you.

Once you are aboard, a few cutscenes will play. Council Commander Zavala and enjoy another Cabal vision with Ghaul. After this, you are off to a brand new planet, Nessus.

The next level of puzzles.

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