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Destiny 2 guide: Six walkthrough

Rescue Cayde-6 and Failsafe in the span of about 20 minutes

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Destiny 2’s “Six” campaign mission begins after saving Cayde-6 from the Hydra and learning how to stop his teleportation loop. You will return to orbit and fly right back down into the next mission. You will land back in the Cistern. Time to help Cayde-6 stay in one place.

Finding the Vex teleporter

Head down the square steps and run or ride your Sparrow along the right side of the path. After going under the waterfall, keep right and head into the small alcove in the side of the cliff. Make your way up the winding ramps and into the Pools of Luminescence. Hop on the rocks to avoid taking damage from the Vex juice and platform your way through this area.

Once you have emerged safely on the other side, a few Vex Harpies will show up and start causing trouble. Shoot them in the eye to take them out fast and walk to the right side of the giant, circular wall. Head through the opening and turn right, avoiding the puddle of Vex juice. Once you hit the wall, take a left and enter the room with the giant crystal. Prepare to fight off a swarm of Vex.

Make your way to the center of the arena and start dealing with the legions of Goblins and Fanatics (headless Vex that explode, leaving behind a puddle that damages you). Watch both sides of the area as the Vex will sneak up on you and explode in your face if you aren’t watching closely. Once you have killed all the Vex, including the Harpys and Minotaurs that show up later, follow the objective marker deeper into the cave.

After moving through the lit up area, you will find the Vex teleportation device on a platform. Pick it up and head through the portal in front of you. Follow your marker and backtrack your way out of the Pools of Luminescence. Once you have emerged back onto the surface of Nessus, take the path to your left and make you way down the road. If you get lost, follow your objective marker or just open the map and look for the Glade of Echoes.

Defending the Exodus Black

You will know you are in the right spot because the Vex and Fallen will be having an all-out brawl in the ship graveyard. While there are plenty of Fallen to deal with, you probably want to focus your fire power on the massive Vex: Acanthos, Gate Lord. Shoot him in his big, glowy guy and follow him across the battlefield. Once you have defeated the Gate Lord, make your way through the ship graveyard and past the area previously blocked by a Vex barrier.

Follow the path through the ship and toward the command center of the Exodus Black. To protect herself and Cayde-6, Failsafe has erected an energy barrier. To gain access to your allies, you will have to go through Jaliks, Fallen Captain. Similar to the Gate Lord, Jaliks will teleport everywhere. Just keep track of him and whittle his health bar down inch by inch.

Once Jaliks is down, he will drop his massive Scorch Cannon, which has far more ammo than you could possibly spend in a short amount of time. Grab it and kill every Fallen you see. When the area is safe, Failsafe will drop the barrier and you can have a chat with Cayde-6 in person.

After you have handed over the teleporter to Cayde-6 and talked with Failsafe, it is time to find Ikora. As Cayde-6 noted, we will find her on Io. Eyes up Guardian, time to visit Destiny 2’s final planet.

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