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Destiny 2 guide: Sacrilege walkthrough

Even without their King, the Taken are a force to be reckoned with.

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

After meeting Failsafe and saving Cayde-6, it is time to find the final member of the Guardian Vanguard in Destiny 2’s “Sacrilege” campaign mission. To find Ikora Rey, you will need to travel to Io, one of Jupiter’s moons.

Researching the problem

When you land on Io, open your Ghost and follow the path toward your objective. The ride is long if you are on a Sparrow, but the run is even longer. Either way, you will be spending a lot of time listening to Ikora. Once you reach the Terrabase Charon, the Cabal will start appearing in droves. Take them out or run past them and into one of the bunkers on the left. Ghost will indicate which one.

Follow the ramp down the bunker and into the Wraith Mines, where the Cabal have been drilling. Keep going through the cave until you discover some Taken Blight. Prepare yourself for some fighting and head up the Taken ramp, but be careful that you don’t set off any of their mines.

Enter the large room with the blue floor. As the Taken Psions begin to spawn, aim for headshots and kill them quickly before they can multiply. After taking out a full wave, follow your objective indicator through a small hole in the wall and up the ramp. Continue through the doorway, down the hall and into yet another room filled with Taken. Defeat the Taken Wizard and clear the room to open up a path forward.

Follow the path before you and keep making your way down into the mines, fighting Taken Cabal and Hive as you go. You will progress from room to room, having a small battle in each of them. Take the fights slowly, and you will eventually emerge back into the Terrabase Charon area.

Defeating the Taken

When you reemerge onto the surface, it is clear that something has changed. The Taken have made it to Io’s surface and are amassing a strike. As the Taken Blight spawns in next to you, bringing a wave of enemies with it, three Wizards will begin channeling on the ball. Naturally, your goal is to stop them. Take out each of the Wizards by using heavy weapons or your super ability. Once all three of them have died, the Taken blight will collapse. Unfortunately, the Taken aren’t thrilled with you messing up their death ball.

A group of Taken Psions and Taken Thrall will spawn in the center of the pit as a blight storm rages around the arena. Take out the enemies as quickly as possible and grab some high cover. Once they are down, Irausk, Herald of Savathun will spawn. He is a big, nasty, Cabal Legionary, here to ruin your nice Destiny 2 mission. Take shots at him from cover or beat him down with your Super. Aim for the head and move out of the way when he gets too close. Defeat the additional enemies that he spawns and hide under the ramp for cover. Once he dies, the Taken blight will fade away.

Don’t get too excited Guardian, we still have one more mission on Io, and the Taken are not done with you yet.