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Destiny 2 guide: Fury walkthrough

Descend into the Warmind Vault on Io.

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

After Sacrilege, you will automatically be dropped in the Rupture, mere feet away from one of Destiny 2’s stranger characters, Asher Mir. Walk up to Asher and try not to stare too closely at the Vex arm that he has fused onto his body. While he is certainly a grouchy scientist, he is also grateful for your work in the last mission. Speak to him and he will reward you with a Exotic weapon of your choice. You can choose the Void pulse rifle Graviton Lance, the Solar hand cannon Sunshot or the Arc sub-machine gun Riskrunner.

Once you have made your selection, travel to the Red War campaign marker to start Fury.

Removing the drill

Jump on your Sparrow or walk along the path toward the Lost Oasis. Head through the large, metal gate and make your way along the ridge. Once you reach the Giant’s Scar, you are almost there. Interrupt the Cabal/Vex war and head through the base that they are fighting over.

After defeating a small army from both sides, walk through the door on the left and into the hanger. If you look at the glass to your right, you will see a gigantic drill. When you press forward and attempt to exit the hanger, you will get a respawn restricted warning and the Vex will start spawning in.

Defeat the Goblins and Minotaurs as you fight your way through the base’s first and second hangers. After clearing the rooms, head up to the control panel on the left side of hanger two, and let Ghost hack into it. Exit out into the drilling area via the door on the north end of hanger two and run up the path on the right. Once you make your way through the great, circular doorway and through another set of caves, you will find yourself in Excavation Site II.

Defeat the Taken, then head through the door and up the ramp. You will now be in a almost identical room with just as many Taken to kill. Repeat what you just did and then exit up another ramp. In the third room, you will face waves of Cabal Taken and Vex Taken. Once you have finally eliminated this third set of threats, jump up on the right side of the room and activate Ghost on the computer. Take a right down the hall, through the door and down the elevator shaft.

In the next room, defeat the Taken Wizard and move down through the doorway. The Taken and Vex are already at it in here, so pick a side and start fighting. Once everything is dead, head through the doorway in front of you and up the ramp. Finally, you will be back in the Giant’s Scar.

Into the Warmind

Make your way to one of the drill control boxes (the one that Ghost marks for you), and lift the drill out of the hole by letting him hack a monitor. Take out some of the enemies around you and descend into the vault. Follow the hall in front of you and go up the ramp. You will eventually find a hole blown in the side of the wall. Jump down and into Warmind Vault JYS-2.

Hang a hard left and defeat the Taken polluting the vault. Run up the stairs to your right and further into the Warmind itself. After clearing out more enemies, turn to the right and enter the core. Jump into the pit with the all the broken down monitors and let Ghost scan it.

As soon as Ghost is done talking, a giant, invisible Taken Minotaur named Modular Upsilon will spawn, along with some Taken Goblin friends. These Modular Sigma Goblins are keen on protecting their big friend, rendering him impervious to damage. Kill them to make the boss vulnerable, and then squint a little to make sure you can see his eye.

Take as many shots at his head as you can before more adds spawn in. Jump in and out of the pit for some quick cover and just be sure to clear the extra enemies before things get too hectic. As the boss’ health gets lower, he will spawn in more enemies. Keep nailing his head with shots until he eventually goes down.

Once Modular Upsilon is no more, Asher Mir will request a moment of your time. Return to him, and he will thank you for your troubles as well as name you his new research assistant. Congratulations on the honor, Guardian!

We are heading into the end section of the campaign, so return to the Farm and have a quick meeting will the now reunited Vanguards.

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