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Destiny 2 guide: Unbroken walkthrough

Shattering the Cabal command.

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Now that the Cabal ship is grounded, it is time to take out its captain, Thumos the Unbroken in the Destiny 2 campaign mission “Unbroken.” Run up to the Red War flag and start the mission.

Fighting your way through

When you spawn into Unbroken, run forward and take a left through the hall of tanks. Take two more rights and you will find yourself in Echion Hold, a gigantic hanger filled with Cabal. Take out all of the enemies in front of you and make your way up the two ramps on the left side. Set Ghost up on the monitor to lower the platform in front of you.

Hop onto the new platform, up the crates, up the ship and onto the next landing. Run through the hall and hang left. Head through the green door on your right and keep pushing forward into Echion Control. Once you reach the locked door, look up to your left and shoot out the two vents blocking your way. Climb up into the ventilation shaft and take a left. Make your way through until you come across more vents on your right. Punch your way out and into a large room that appears to be filled with generators.

As you step forward, be careful, as powerful Cabal are everywhere. Take them out one by one, being especially careful of the Gladiator Cabal with their two cleavers. Fight your way down the room until you reach the very end, where the central pylon is sitting. Jump up just to the right of that pylon and make your way back into the vent system on the left. Hop down the shaft and head into the big, green door.

You will be in an even bigger hanger than before. There are quite a few Cabal in this room, but the only ones that you should be concerned with are the two security officers guarding the door. Kill them and let Ghost open the door via the hologram. Roll into the next hanger and clear out the Cabal. Before too long, Amanda Holliday will show up to help clear out some enemies. Head through the door on your left, and fight your way through the next hallway. Through the next door, you will meet Thumos the Unbroken.

Taking out Thumos

Once you reach Echion Control again, Thumos will rise out of the ground, flanked on each side by his scary lieutenants. Thumos has a lot of health, so we are going to start this fight by ignoring him for the most part. Instead, focus on his guards and the legion of adds that he spawns. Once you are alone with Thumos, wail on him with headshots until he spawns more enemies.

The closer he gets to death, the more enemies he will spawn, finishing things up with a gigantic wave of War Hounds. While this sounds like a total pain (and it is), Thumos is not really a threat at all. Instead, he’s just a jerk who occasionally shoots at you. After all of the adds are down, just keep damaging him steadily until he no longer hold the title “Unbroken.”

Once Thumos is down, you will get his ship codes and the mission will end. Prepare yourself for the next mission Guardian, as starting Larceny will activate a three-mission long quest chain, leading you to the end of the Red War campaign.

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