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Destiny 2 Xur guide

What we know, what we can assume and what to expect

Destiny Xur Portrait Bungie/Activision
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Think of Xur as Destiny 2’s traveling salesman. He rolls into town every weekend and sells some of the best gear in the game. He’s the only place you can purchase Exotic (yellow) gear.

This guide will talk about where (we expect) to find him, the currencies we know he’ll be accepting (and some we expect he will) and what you can (expect to) buy from him.

Where to find Xur

Xur shows up around 5 a.m. ET Friday morning. He sticks around through Sunday morning at the same time. If you miss him during that window, you’ll have to wait until the following week to catch him.

In Destiny, Xur could be found in one of several locations around the Tower or the Reef. Since he hasn’t shown up in Destiny 2 for the first time yet, we can’t be certain where he’ll appear. Reports suggest that he might show up in any of the game’s four locations.

With Faction Leaders on every planet (or moon, which we have to clarify so NDT doesn’t yell at us), multiple fast travel locations and sprawling maps, there are lots of places Xur could show up across all four worlds. We’ll be tracking Xur every week — both where he shows up and what he’s selling — so check back often.

What Xur sells

Xur is first and foremost a purveyor of Exotic goods. You’ll be able to pick from a rotating selection of Exotics weapons and/or armor every week, along with, presumably, Mods and Consumables.

How to pay Xur

The one currency we know Xur will be accepting is Legendary Shards. You earn these when you dismantle Legendary (purple) or Exotic (yellow) gear. You also use them to Infuse the same kinds gear, so saving them up for Xur might be a bit of a struggle.

With so many other currencies in Destiny 2 — from Faction Tokens to planet- or moon-specific collectibles to the Rare (blue) versions of those same collectibles to Shards and Dust — it’s possible that Xur will take others as well. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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