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Destiny 2 item rarity guide

An easy reference for beginners


Destiny 2 is a game about loot, and it can be tricky for new players to keep which color goes with which level of rarity, and how they all stack up against each other.

So here’s the list, from most common to the rarest, in one easy place:

  • Common (white items)
  • Uncommon (green items)
  • Rare (blue items)
  • Legendary (purple items)
  • Exotic (yellow items)
Understanding the color coding helps you evaluate gear and drops at a glance

Keep in mind this is just a list that shows how rare each item is relative to each other, and it’s only important in your first few hours in the game. It won’t take long before most of your equipped items are at least purple, and the campaign itself will reward you with two exotic items.

You can also only equip one exotic armor piece and one exotic weapon at a time, although there are also exotic emotes, Sparrows and ships that are only cosmetic. So technically you can have up to five exotics equipped, although only two will give you any in-game advantage.

Still, if you’ve just started out and you were confused about what colors you should be looking for, we hope this is helpful.

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