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Destiny 2 guide: O Captain walkthrough

Finishing this quest on Nessus is actually easier than getting it started

Destiny 2 - Exodus Black corpse in ‘O Captain’ quest Bungie/Activision
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Once you’ve finished off the campaign in Destiny 2, you’ll open up a mission, O Captain, for Failsafe, the quirky artificial intelligence trapped on Nessus. It’s a fun little narrative romp that ends in a much longer, achievement based legendary weapon unlock. But getting things started can be a pain.

Recover audio logs from crew members

When the quest starts, you’ll need to find the bodies of Failsafe’s crew. They’re hidden in plain site nearby, but at first you’re not given an indication where to look for them. Turn on your heel and walk out of the tube onto a platform. Stay to your right and your Ghost will add a waypoint for you almost immediately. The first crew member is laying behind a cylinder wedged in the ground


Once you’ve triggered the voice recording, back up and continue to walk away from Failsafe, hugging that same right-hand wall where the first crew member was resting. You’ll find the second crew member up on top of a piece of terrain, hidden from view until you jump on top of a silver cube.

Now cross the river to your left and turn back toward Failsafe. Hug the other wall of the canyon, through the mob of Fallen and up a rockpile. You should trigger the next waypoint at that time. Follow your ghost’s directions up the mushroom-like rock formations to a small plateau where you’ll find the third and fourth crew members holding hands.

From there, continue along that same side of the river, jumping over a bit of wreckage, through another mob of Fallen and to the next patch of rock formations on the valley floor. You will actually pass the entrance to Failsafe, which will be on your left-hand side a few hundred meters away. There, in among the scrub grass on the top of another plateau, is the body of a fifth crew member.


Find the satellite array

To find the satellite array, you’ll need to take a bit of a hike. If you have a Sparrow, now would be a great time to hop on. You’ll need to push out toward the Glade of Echoes. Once there, your ghost will once again trigger another waypoint. Look for a small computer console on top of a rocky plateau, in among some Vex. You’ll need to hold off a counterattack while Failsafe works her magic. Stay to the high ground and you’ll be alright.

The next step is to kill off a few Vex to collect their memory data. At this point, your Ghost kicks in and gives you a waypoint for each. Navigation will be much easier from here on out. The final objective is to “rendezvous with the captain.”

The follow-on quest, called My Captain, involves a few overly elaborate jumping puzzles and another stand-off with the Vex, but at least it’s easier to find your way.

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