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Destiny 2 Leviathan raid guide: Castellum

From the Embarkment to the Castellum

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

When you first spawn into Destiny 2’s Leviathan Raid, you will find your Fireteam on the very edge of the ship, the Embarkment. Start making your way up the ramps. Once you reach the top, head through the door into the Leviathan proper. Head down the halls until you enter the Castellum, where the first of many encounters takes place.

The Castellum is more of a puzzle than anything, forcing you and your teammates to split up and gather Standards. At the front of the room by the great door, there is a sun logo on the ground. Walking up to it will begin the encounter.

Separate your Fireteam into groups of two and four:

  • Four defenders will stay on the sun point and defend it
  • Two adventurers will claim objectives

The sun point will display one of three other symbols: hound, cup, swords.


The two adventurers must communicate with their defenders, learning which symbol is being displayed. Once adventurers know the current symbol, run as a pack to claim the corresponding Standard. To grab it, you must first defeat the Standard Bearer, a difficult Cabal with a lot of health. Take him down with heavy ammo or your Super.

When the Standard Bearer dies, the Standard will materialize. Grab it and return to your defending teammates. Slam the Standard into the defense area to lock it in place. This will create an aura around the point called Force of Will, which greatly increases your damage. Help your defenders clear out the enemies and then head to the next Standard.

Each Standard location is easy to identify with the banner of its symbol:

  • Cup on the far left side of the arena
  • Hound on the middle left side of the arena
  • Swords on the middle right side of the arena


While the defenders have a far simpler job, the execution is far more stressful. Defenders do not actually need to move, but they need to survive.

As the adventurers run around looking for Standards, the defenders must protect the Standard drop-off point, which includes killing waves and waves of powerful Cabal.

There are two main enemies that defenders need to be aware of:

  1. The Standard Liberator will storm the steps and steal back the Standards. Killing these first is the absolute priority. Otherwise, you will lose progress.
  2. The Loyalty Councilor will spawn inside an impervious bubble on the left or right side of the arena. One defender must leave the stairs and deliver a quick melee hit or two to the Loyalty Councilor. Otherwise it will grant a immunity shield to the Standard Liberators.

Once both teams have done their job and all three standards have been delivered the drop-off point, the doors will open and you will be able to continue. With that encounter finished, it is time to enter the Royal Pools.