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Destiny 2 guide: Larceny walkthrough

Is it really stealing if you already have the keys?

After killing Thumos the Unbroken you will be able to start the final string of missions. Once you begin “Larceny,” you will enter a path that will not stop until the end. Be sure that you have the weapons you want and prepare for the final few missions.

Stealing Thumos’ ship

Once “Larceny” begins, you must run down the padded hallway of the Cabal base. Follow the path and turn left through the door. You will now be in Legion’s Anchor and surrounded by Cabal. Take out the enemies in this small arena, run to the far end of the room and turn right. Head through the door in front of you and look out the window.

Here you will be able to see your objective: the big spaceship on the landing pad. Take a left from the window and deal with the turrets in front of you. Head through the previously locked door and take out the Fallen that have also infiltrated the Cabal base. Follow through this great hallway until you reach the giant hologram in the center of the room.

Look to the right of the hologram to find a named Servitor, Teleks-5. Take it out with your power weapons along with all of the Fallen in the room. Once everything is toast, move through the door that unlocks behind where you fought Teleks-5. More Cabal will be waiting for you on the other side, as well as more turrets. Clear the room and keep going forward, through the door and onto the landing area.

Clear out the enemies here and make your way to Thumos’ ship. Once the enemies are all gone, Ghost will ask to hack into the ship. Take him over the the left side of the ship and hold your interact button on the small panel to hijack the ship. Now you will need to defend the area.

Waves of Cabal will start entering the landing area and pushing toward you. Hang out by the ship and take them out with long range weapons if possible. After a few waves, a elite Cabal, Enforcer Rusk, will get dropped on top of the ship. Take him out with your Super or Power weapon to end the mission.

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