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Destiny 2 guide: 1AU walkthrough

Taking down the Almighty

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Immediately after stealing Thumos’ ship in Destiny 2, you will find yourself half way across the solar system and aboard the Almighty. This mission, “1AU,” tasks you with destroying the Cabal ship aimed directly at Sol and also offers some of the most impressive visuals in the entire game.

All aboard the sun destroyer: Mineral Processing and Sunside

Once “1AU” starts, jump off of the landing zone and to the left. Battle your way through the Cabal and jump over to the pipe walkway. Continue moving along the grates until you come up against a large bridge that has just been moved. Clear out the enemies on this landing and run over to the computer to put the bridge back into place.

Once Ghost has done his thing on the console, the bridge will begin to swing to the right, and tons of Cabal will drop on top of it. Defeat your enemies as you cross the bridge and head through the open door in front of you. Run down the hallway and into the area called Mineral Processing.

You will now be in a gray room filled with rocks and a gigantic drill. Ignore the drill for now and run over to the control room on the north side. Defeat the Cabal that enter the room and grab one of the little charges in the corner. Pick it up and carry it over to the open container. Place the charge in and stay clear of the drill.

Once the mouth of the drill has closed, it will begin to spin and Cabal will flood the room. By this time you should be used to holding a room against waves of enemies. Do that, and eventually defeat Purifier Vurst by using your Power weapons. Once the Cabal stop coming and every enemy is dead (Cabal love hiding in here, so you may have to hunt a bit), the mouth of the drill will open up again, revealing a new pathway.

Head through the new area and into the Sunside zone. Defeat the Cabal in the long hallway and run up to the bright glowing window. Take in the majesty of the sun and then go through the door on your left.

You will now be on the outside of the ship, which sucks when you are right next to the sun whose heat we can regularly feel all the way on Earth. Run along the wing of the ship killing Cabal and hiding in the shadows. Being out in the light will burn you, so take cover to refill your health. Take your time and you won’t have a problem getting through here. Reenter the ship on the left side of the area.

Take a jog through the long, empty hall and deal with the Cabal that come down the hole at the end. Climb up to where they came from and fight your way through the hallway and along the path. Once you head through the door, turn right and into another mineral area. Avoid getting killed by the Cabal and jump up the spinning vortex of dust and rock. This will send you up a beautiful slide.

Destroying the Almighty: Light’s End and the sun beam

Once you land, jump forward and into the big pipe. You will now be in Light’s End. Kill the Cabal and take one of their Interceptors from the plate on the ground. Fight your way along the path using the Interceptor and you will enter the room with the sun beam. Wait for it to finish firing and use the Interceptor to blow up the turbines that open up. There is one on the right and left side of the area.

If your Interceptor blows up or is looking rough, look for one of the plates to spawn a new one. Once both turbines have been destroyed, a bridge will extend to the central reactor. Drive the Interceptor across the bridge and defeat this reactor like you did the turbines. Once the reactor has exploded, walk into the big area that housed it and walk toward the door nearest the beam.

You will now need to run up to a fusion cell and grab it. Run over the very hot plates (move fast so you don’t get burned) and dunk the fusion cell in the giant reactor hole. Now it’s time to run. Turn around and run along the grating until your reach Thumos’ ship and Holliday will pick you up. Return to Earth and bring the fight to Dominus Ghaul.