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Destiny 2 guide: Chosen walkthrough

The beginning of the end game

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

This is it, Guardians — “Chosen,” the final mission in Destiny 2 to retake your home. After destroying the Almighty, you will find yourself back in the Last City. Time to find Ghaul and release the Traveler.

Fighting to the Vanguard

Once the mission begins, jump off the roof and onto the street level. Run through the alley until you reach the giant, shielded Cabal bunker. Fight off enemies until you are notified that Hawthorne has hacked the door. Once the door is down, drop what you are doing and run through it. Head down another street and wait for Hawthorne to hack another barrier.

On the other side of the second barrier, you will need to jump up onto a balcony of sorts. Fight your way through the building and the marketplace inside. Climb up the stairs and run through the great iron gates. Climb even more stairs and defeat the Cabal in the ruined square.

Once the Cabal are dead, run through the door and into the neon-lit market. Keep making your way up until you reach the rooftops. Time to platform across some roofs. Head up the slanted roof top, jump across the open area and onto a roof with a canopy over it. Head up the stairs of that roof and jump onto the gray office breakout.

Once on top of the office, take a left and jump across to the orange building. Fight the Cabal and jump over to the next roof in front of him. Run forward and slide down the right side of the roof, jumping to yet another balcony.

Run across the grating, shooting the turrets along the way, and jump up to an area with a ladder on it. Take a left and jump onto the gray building with the wood paneling. Fight your way across this roof and jump to the right of the neon pink sign. Once on the balcony of this building, fight along the side until you reach the Vanguard. Hop onto Cayde-6’s teleporter when you are ready.

Defeating Dominus Ghaul

Once aboard Ghaul’s ship, move forward and defeat the army of sleeping War Hounds. Run forward and into the vent area. Climb the yellow pipes and walk along the grates. Emerge from the vent system and onto the Quarterdeck. Clear all of the enemies out of here, including Final Guard Straff, and then step onto the Cabal elevator.

When you reach the top, you will be able to the see the Traveler and the spinning tornado of flames. Walk forward, and Ghaul will emerge from the flames.

When the fight begins, start taking shots at Ghaul’s head, using your Power weapons or Super if you have it. Bring his health down to two-thirds to phase him. Once he is damaged enough, he will retreat to his tornado podium and two Super recharge stations will become available to you.

While Ghaul chills in his giant Void tornado, run to the glowing light platforms and restore your Super. When you are ready to fight Ghaul again, kill all of the enemies on the ship. When Ghaul reemerges, lay into him like you did before, but be careful of his new purple shield move, which will render him immune to all damage for a short time. Phase him again and prepare for the final stretch.

More super podiums will come down. Grab the energy and keep hitting Ghaul. Fighting Ghaul is suprisingly easy, especially if you are using burst Supers like the Nova Bomb or Golden Gun. Just make sure that Ghaul isn’t immune before you take aim with your powerful stuff and treat him like any other yellow bar enemy.

Once Ghaul falls, the Destiny 2 campaign will end. There are some neat cutscenes and cool new missions to grab, but we’ll let you find that stuff for yourself. Congratulations Guardian, you have defeated the final boss of Destiny 2’s campaign.

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