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Destiny 2 guide: What are Patrols?

What they are, how to find them and what you get

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Once you complete Destiny 2’s campaign, every planet, moon and centaur has plenty of Patrols, Adventures and Quests to keep you busy after the main story is done. Patrols are the smallest and simplest of these three. Let’s talk about what Patrols are, where to find them and why you want to do them.

What’s a Patrol?

Patrols are (usually) simple, bite-sized tasks. They’ll be geographically limited and have a straightforward goal.

How do I find Patrols?

Take three steps on any given planet, and you’re probably next to a Patrol beacon. There are 95 Patrols across Destiny 2’s five locations, so chances are you’re already standing on top of one.


Patrols appear on your HUD with a triangular icon (that looks infuriatingly similar to the planetary resource icon) or a stopwatch-like icon. When you get close, you’ll see (and hear) a green beacon on the ground where you’ll start the Patrol.

How do I complete a Patrol?

There are five types of Patrols you might come across. They all have a relatively limited scope and are pretty easy to complete. Check with your Ghost if you’re having any trouble (or get distracted and forget) — it’s got some extra details about your task.

Assassination Mission

You’ll have to travel a bit for this one, but it boils down to: find this bad guy, shoot this bad guy until he’s dead.

Collection (Salvage) Mission


You’ll get an objective that requires you to kill a number of specific enemies to pick up the MacGuffin they drop. These are usually the most geographically small of the Patrols, so if you’re not seeing the enemies or you’re not getting the drops, check where you are on the map to make sure you’re in the right place.

Kill Mission

These Patrols are basically, “If it moves, shoot it,” until you hit 100 percent on your objective.

Scan Mission

You’ll have to travel for this one, too, but it’s still a simple task. Go to a place, shoot anything in your way, then use your Ghost to scan an object.

Survey Mission


Survey Patrols are very similar to Scans. You have to get to a location marked on your map and HUD, then stand there for a few seconds. There’s no interaction required. You just have to make sure you don’t get shot in the process.

What’s in it for me?

Patrols are a tidy way to earn some quick Glimmer, XP and Clan XP as well as local Faction Tokens. You’ll pick up the occasional Engram along the way, too.

You’re not going to get rich off of Patrols, and you’re not going to max out your Power level. They do, however, help you explore the world, where you’ll stumble across chests, gold chests and Public Events. And those Faction Tokens will earn you Engrams that level up with you, so they’re nothing to turn your nose up at.