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Destiny 2 Guided Games guide

Seeker, Guides and endgame content

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Destiny 2 is a social game. Just about everything (in the game) is better with friends. A full Fireteam is a requirement if you even want to experience some late-game content like a raid. That means you’re going to need some friends. And that’s where Guided Games come in.

That’s not always as easy as “just” playing with friends. Since there’s no automatic matchmaking for late-game content like raids, solo players miss out. That’s why services like popped up around the first Destiny. This time around, Bungie built in support for the solo players who still want to experience everything the game has to offer.

Guided Games


Guided Games are a way for a Clan — an established group of affiliated players — to open up a slot in their Fireteam for a solo player. This lets them “guide” that player through the endgame content.

The Seeker and The Guide

The Seeker — the solo player seeking guidance — needs a couple things before they can find their Guide. They have to meet the level or Power requirement of the thing they’re after. You can’t just sign up for something way above your Power level in the hopes of getting carried through to some sweet loot. They also need a Guided Game Ticket — a consumable item.


On the other side, the Guide looking for someone to, well, guide them also needs to meet any Power level requirements for the activity. And, since it’s a Clan-based thing to be a Guide, half of the fireteam has to be Clan members.

How to get Guided Games Tickets


Guided Games Tickets are a little confusing because they’re not an inventory item you can see. (If you look at the image in the section above, you can see that we have 12 remaining, but they don’t show up in our inventory.) For the Guided Games Beta, at least, you can pick up your Tickets from the Postmaster in the Tower. If you didn’t get any, that’s OK. Only a certain number of players got them during the Guided Games beta.

Guardian Oath

When both the Seeker and the Guide(s) join a Guided Game, they agree to be Helpful, Attentive, Observant, Willing to Learn and/or Teach, and Friendly. This is the Guardian Oath. Playing your Guided Games in a way that matches this Oath — basically, just completing Guided Games with your Seeker — will increase your Oathkeeper Score.

Your Clan’s Oathkeeper Score is visible on its page. Basically, this lets a Seeker check out how likely your Clan is to help them out.


Quitting (or rage-quitting) or even just getting disconnected will carry a penalty. You’ll be prevented from starting another Guided Game activity for a limited time. Once someone quits, everyone else in the Fireteam can quit without penalty, though.

The way around this is to open your Ghost’s menu and choose the “Vote to Resign” option. Everyone else in the Fireteam then has the option to agree and let you quit without penalty.

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