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Destiny 2’s On The Comms, Destroyer of Worlds and Legend of Acrius guide

How to get the raid exotic shotgun, Legend of Acrius

The Legend of Acrius shotgun

In your efforts to fight back the onslaught of Cabal in Destiny 2, you might’ve received an interesting item in your inventory called On The Comms. It sits in your power weapon slot, and if you take on the quest, you’ll have to run through the game’s first raid, Leviathan, to unlock the Exotic (yellow) shotgun, Legend of Acrius.

Getting access to one of the most powerful shotguns in the game is no easy task. There’s a handful of steps involved, so let’s show you how to beat the On The Comms quest and eventually, get you that exotic shotgun.


The On The Comms quest item

Like many things in Destiny 2, the On The Comms quest item is a random drop you’ll get after beating a Cabal soldier. But thankfully, since most of your time in the game will be devoted to Cabal, you’ll eventually get this item through normal play.

Once you get the the On The Comms quest step, head over to Nessus and fight even more Cabal. To get the Red Legion Communications items to drop, you need kill Cabal to receive random drops. Taking on any of the Public Events that feature Cabal is the best way to farm these items. (You can learn more about these events in our Destiny 2 Heroic Public Events guide.)

Once you get those drops, On The Comms will change into a new item called Destroyer of Worlds.


The On The Comms item changes to Destroyer of Worlds

The Destroyer of Worlds item has a one requirement: Complete the Leviathan Raid. Completing raids in Destiny games is no small feat. To give you a hand, check out our Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid guide.

After beating the raid, the Destroyer of Worlds item becomes yet another item called the Imperial Invitation. Head to the Tower near where Ikora and Hawthorne are. Head down some stairs and speak with Benedict 99-40.

The Emperor's representative, Benedict 99-40

You’re far from done.

Benedict 99-40 will send you on a modified version of the Arms Dealer Strike. This version is no joke. It’s a 300-Power level strike and has the Prism modifier (where elements rotate and weapons with those elements are stronger) and Time Warp modifier (the map contains hidden floating squares of light, which when destroyed, add 30 seconds to your timer).

Getting your Power level high enough to deal with a level 300 strike is going to be hard. Thankfully, you can check out our Destiny 2 power leveling guide for help.

Finally, after you complete that strike, you are rewarded the Legend of Acrius, an Exotic (yellow) shotgun. Legend of Acrius deals piercing damage that can hit more than one enemy at a time. Sadly, it only has one shell in its magazine and doesn’t have many other traits.

To beef up the shotgun, you’re going to have to go on even more quests. Buckle up.

IMPROVING DESTINY 2’S LEGEND OF ACRIUS SHOTGUN: Back to the Bazaar, Cabal Killer and His Highness’ Seal

The lore behind the Legend of Acrius

Upon receiving the Legend of Acrius, you get yet another quest item called Back to the Bazaar. This quest will have you go back to the Tower to speak with Benedict 99-40, who then gives you a quest called Cabal Killer. To complete it, you must:

  • Kill 25 Cabal any way you like
  • Kill 15 Cabal at close range
  • Kill 10 Cabal without reloading

You can handle these quests in multiple ways. We recommend either playing the beginning of the Leviathan Raid again, heading the Trostland in the EDZ or returning to Nessus and doing the Cabal-related Public Events again. Accomplishing the last task, “Kill 10 Cabal without reloading,” is easy with the Legend of Acrius, so long as Cabal are bunched up and you can hit them with the shotgun’s spread.

After killing all of those Cabal, you’re still not done. Return back to Benedict 99-40 and it will have just one more quest for you, His Highness’ Seal. This quest requires you to get back into the raid to “eliminate bosses and complete the raid” to get Emperor Seals. You'll need 100 of them.

At the time of this writing, the quest is bugged. Normally, the amount of dropped Emperor Seals you receive would only require about two runs of the Leviathan Raid to complete. But because of this bug, one player did complete this final quest ... by beating the raid 13.5 times.

After completing the His Highness’ Seal quest, the Legend of Acrius will be complete. It’ll receive an extra bullet in its magazine, bringing it up to two, and it will receive a host of other upgrades.

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