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Destiny 2 guide: Sturm and Drang quest walkthroughs

How to get this powerful symbiotic sidearm and hand cannon pair

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The energy weapon sidearm Drang and its partner, the kinetic weapon hand cannon Sturm, are a pair you’ll receive at the end of a few pretty intense quests in Destiny 2. You’ll put in a lot of time and work to get them, but they’re powerful, Exotic (yellow) and they work well together.

When you kill an enemy with Drang, it reloads ammo into Sturm. When you kill with Sturm, it reloads ammo whatever energy weapon you have equipped — an energy weapon like, say, Drang.


To pick up the Legendary (purple) sidearm Drang, you’ll have to complete two quests for Failsafe on Nessus. You’ll pick up the first one right in Failsafe’s room (brain?) on the Exodus Black. You’ll need to complete the campaign missions on Nessus and speak to Failsafe before these quests open up.

O Captain

These two quests see you searching for the captain and crew of the Exodus Black — who Failsafe believes might still be alive. Let’s call her optimistic.

  • Recover audio logs. You’ll find the four audio logs you’re looking for on four corpses wearing space suits. They’re all in the area right around the Exodus Black, so you won’t have to go far to find them. They won’t automatically be on your map, but they’ll appear when you’re close enough. So you just have to walk around the area fighting through the Fallen.
  • Find and defend the satellite array. Once you find all four audio logs, you’ll get a marker for a satellite array. When you get to it, a few waves of Fallen will show up to ruin your day. Shoot them.
  • Eliminate the Vex to collect memory data. When Ghost is done with the satellite array, he’ll implicate the Vex in the fate of the Exodus Black crew. Your next job is to run around and collect some data from Vex you defeat. This works a lot like a Salvage Patrol. The Vex you’re looking for are in the Glade of Echoes area to the south-southeast of the Exodus Black. They’ll all have “Empathic” before their name.
  • Rendevous with the captain. When you follow your next waypoint, you won’t find the captain. Instead, you’ll meet a “weird-looking Harpy.”

My Captain


When you track down the weird-looking Harpy again, it will lead you down into the Sunken Cavern. It’s friendly, so your job is just to keep following it.

  • Follow the Harpy. Like we just said, keep following it.
  • Prove yourself to the Vex. You’ll start getting bits and pieces of information from the Harpy about the captain, but you’ll have to prove yourself first. The first challenge is to hop your way across some floating boulders.
  • Defend yourself against the Vex. When you get to the other side, a bunch of Vex will appear. Shoot them.
  • Confront the Harpy. Just follow your HUD marker to the Harpy.
  • Link with the Harpy. For this next section, you’ll have to make your way to four waypoints and hold off waves of Vex at each while you establish the link. Shoot them.
  • Complete the Vex trial. This is another jumping challenge. Make your way across the gap by jumping on the floating rocks again.
  • Destroy Kagathos, Empathic Mind. Kagathos is a yellow-bar Vex Minotaur. And he brought his friends.
  • Search for Captain Jacobson. Once again, follow the weird-looking Harpy.
  • Inspect the body. The Harpy will lead you to the captain’s body. When you find it and listen to his final audio log, you’ll finish the quest and get the Legendary (purple) energy weapon sidearm Drang. You’ll also get a kinetic weapon quest item called Talk to the Cryptarch. Guess what you have to do next.


To start on the path to get Drang’s partner, Sturm, you just have to do what the quest item says — go to the Tower and talk to the Cryptarch Master Rahool. He’ll give you a different Quest item called Relics of the Golden Age.

Relics of the Golden Age

Relics of the Golden Age has three objectives. You can do them in any order. The first two don’t have a restriction on the weapon you use, and only the third one has a specific location.

  • Decrypt five Legendary engrams. You’ll have to go out into the world(s) and do things that might drop Legendary (purple) Engrams until you get five of them. Try Public Events, Patrols and Adventures. Or check your Weekly Milestones.
  • Decrypt one Exotic Engram. Once again, you’re just going to have to keep doing things until RNGesus grants you an Exotic (yellow) drop.
  • Defeat Fallen on Nessus with Drang. This one is the easiest. Just head to Nessus and shoot 10 Fallen with your shiny new gun.

Talk to the Cryptarch

After you kill the Fallen and bring back all the engrams Master Rahool, he’ll give you a new item called Talk to the Cryptarch and send you to talk to Tyra Karn at the Farm. She’ll give you another item called Relics of the Golden Age with a new set of objectives.

Relics of the Golden Age (Part 2)

You need to complete both of these objectives on Nessus. While there’s not as much grinding involved, there’s still a lot of shooting involved.

  • Defeat multiple (10) Fallen with Drang without reloading. The math on this one is a little … inscrutable. It doesn’t seem as simple as one-for-one every time you kill a Drang without reloading. The best way to approach this one is to just kill as many Fallen as you can with Drang while reloading as little as possible. There are a lot of Fallen in the area around the Exodus Black, so stick close to it.
  • Defeat a powerful Fallen with Drang (10 times). This objective is no small undertaking. Not just any “powerful” Fallen will do — you need to find a yellow-bar Fallen mini-boss. Your best bet is to clear out the leader of a Lost Sector. You can only run a Lost Sector once per visit to a planet, so if you find a convenient one, you’ll have to return to orbit between each run.

This objective takes a lot of work — 45 minutes at minimum, by our math. Your best bet is to fast travel to the Exodus Black landing zone, then head southwest into the Glade of Echoes. More or less right ahead of you, there’s a Lost Sector, about halfway across the area.

If you’re careful, and don’t care about getting shot, you can rush through the rooms and get to the Servitor mini-boss at the end. As soon as it’s down, you can return to orbit and start the whole process over. The best we ever did was about three minutes. That’s what’s in the video above (we cut out the loading screens). It’s … not fun. And you have to do it 10 times.

(And a quick author’s note: As you can see, I’m very good at driving a Sparrow. If you’re better at it than I am, you can ride your Sparrow much deeper into the Lost Sector — this will save you some time.)

Relics of the Golden Age (Part 3)

When you complete the two tasks above and return to Tyra Karn, she’ll give you another Relics of the Golden Age Quest item. This one

Quest: Exodus Crash

For this one, you’re going to need help. Get (at least) one other person in your Fireteam and head to Prodromus Down in the northeast of Nessus. The Quest marker won’t even appear if you’re going in solo.

Your target is a Servitor named Kendricks-7. (You may recognize this entire quest as the Exodus Crash Strike. It’s the same thing.)

  • Track Fallen through Arc Pulses. Drive or run through the blue-white pillars of light. They’re all marked with waypoints, so they’re hard to miss. You’re just going to have to fend of Vex during the process.
  • Defeat the Fallen. And then the Fallen show up. Including a yellow-bar captain named Khirin, Blinding Captain.
  • Reach the Exodus Black’s Aft. You just have to fight your way through both Fallen and Vex to get there.
  • Analyze the Fallen Device and Defend Ghost. While Ghost checks out the Fallen antenna-thing, you’ll have to fend off several waves of Fallen and Vex — including so many Overcharge Shanks, which are just the worst.
  • Reach the Exodus Black’s Aft (Part 2) and Track Fallen through Arc Pulses (Part 2). Once again, you’re just hitting the light beams while shooting your way past enemies.
  • Reach the Exodus Black’s Aft (Part 3). Follow your waypoint to the Glade of Echoes. As soon as you enter the area, watch on your left for some Heavy Pikes. They’re unguarded and they’re going to come in super handy in a second.
  • Defeat the Fallen Walker. And you’re probably going to have to take out the Siege Minotaur as well. Hopefully, you listened and you’re riding a Heavy Pike — they’ll make short work of both of these enemies.
  • Explore the Exodus Black’s Aft. Now that you’re finally at the aft of the ship, you’re almost done. Follow your waypoint to the final showdown. There’s a lot of Fallen and your target, Kendriks-7, waiting in a room inside. When it’s defeated, you’ll get a new Quest item named Talk to Tyra Karn.
  • Clear the area and Defeat Thaviks, the Depraved. Our two hints are: Avoid the Overcharge Shanks which as, as previously stated, just the worst, and shoot Thaviks. A lot.

Talk to Tyra Karn


Head back to the Farm one more time and talk to Tyra Karn again. She’ll give you an Exotic (yellow) Engram that will decrypt into Sturm.

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